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No Kneed for 'I Told You So's'

I'm something of a stubborn individual. This may come as a bit of a shock to some of you, but it's true. So...waiting 2 weeks to go to the doctor for my bum knee was something of a concession on my part.

And the thing doesn't hurt all the time. It hurts when I try to do squats or anything resembling the forms in Hap Ki Do.

Which is the only reason I went to the doctor. I figured that ' will eventually heal on it's own.' But damn...I don't want to wait. I haven't done kickboxing or Hap Ki Do for 2 weeks and my body is going through some withdrawals. It sounds funny, but it's true.

Speaking of's another 'first' in this time in my life (or any time, actually).

I'm at the doctor last night and she was testing range of motion in my knees and was trying to get me to relax my legs. Well...ever since I started this fitness journey 2 years ago, my legs have been beastie. She looked at me and said 'Are you a runner? You must be. Or some kind of athlete.'

And I laughed. I never...NEVER in my life thought I would be accused of being a runner. An athlete fits, I guess, given how often I was kickboxing (But I certainly wasn't ranked...or even have my amateur status). Don the Dragon of the future...maybe you've heard of it?

I digress.

Back to the I Told You So's. I find it interesting that we as a society only tend to invoke them when people fuck up. You hurt your knee at the Warrior Dash? Told you so.

Yes. I did. But also completed the Warrior Dash. Every obstacle. Every foot of that course. Done. Finished. Did it. Write that shit down. Because I did it. Am I sore or hurt? Sure. But did I do something that 2 years ago was insurmountable to me? You bet your fucking ass I did. I'm not mad at the 'ITYSer's.' I get it. If someone cares about you, it's used as a way to express concern.

But the thing is...if I had listened, then maybe I would not have tried it. The Warrior Dash would still be on my FuckIt List as something I want to conquer. What then? Say I jack my knee up Kickboxing or in Hap Ki Do. Then I can't do the Warrior Dash. And it always stays out of reach.

I didn't listen. I felt the time was right. And I fucking went for it.

And I have to tell you something. I wouldn't change a single thing about it. It was exactly what it needed to be at the exact time in my life I needed it.

This knee thing is a temporary set back. I need to let my body heal. It's going to slow me down. And that's a good thing. Slowing down and taking some time to be still is vital to our survival. This past weekend in KY reminded me of that (weekends in KY always help me be still and find my center). the ITYSer's out there....thank you. I appreciate your concern and the fact that you are looking out for me...but if you see that look in my know the one that says 'I appreciate you concern, but I'm fucking going for this'....then you should probably hold your I Told You So in check. Because I'm on a mission.

NoMoreFatTodd is dead. And it may take some blood sweat and tears to bury that corpse, but that fucker's going away for good.

And now I'm going back to work. My lunch break is almost over and it's gonna be a busy rest of my day. Working and then heading over the LC to catch Alabama Shakes in concert. Can't wait.


Have a fantastic rest of your day my friends. And when you look back and realize your life has been filled with awesomesauce moments, I'll be there smiling and softly saying, "I told you so."





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