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Perfection at 33RPM

After a rocky start to the day (and I only say rocky because of the perceived strife in communicating with my ex. In truth, it wasn't bad...just not something I enjoy doing any more). But enough of that.

I think anyone with any kind of pulse on the weather could see that it was going to rain today. I was hoping to get all my running around done before it hit (but I still forgot to go the Post Office, so ...crap).

Fact: I love thunderstorms. It is also no secret that I love spinning vinyl. The warm sound from vinyl....the intimate connection with the music....I mean you can see the grooves where the sound is are holding that sound in your hands. The act of getting up after side one is over...flipping the record...gently placing that needle...hearing the distinct little pop as it engages. There really is no better way of hearing music, short of hearing it live. Truly. At least in my book.

That's the reason I was sadder than sad when, as I was packing, one of the RCA leads on my turntable got caught and tore. I was devastated. But I assumed I could fix it.

Today I did. It's hooked up. The Infinity speakers are also hooked up.

For the last 2 hours, I've been spinning vinyl on this chill Saturday afternoon.

When I started, it looked like this:

I really am taken aback by the beauty that sneaks up on me here. I mean, it's easy to see this as a second rate crappy apartment nestled in the 'ville. But fuck's actually really beautiful here. I feel so calm and content when I'm home. And in my mind, it is home. I think that's really the key, isn't it. You know in your heart when a place is home and when it's merely a place you're living to pass the time. It's clear to me now which place was which (especially after visiting that other place this morning to pick up a few things that I didn't think I had left behind and found I couldn't really leave them behind).

So...a couple of quick cuts with the wire snips and some creative splicing with electrical tape, and the turntable was fixed. And I'm so happy.

Seriously happy.

This is my current Saturday view. The rain is falling outside. The debut Alabama Shakes album, "Boys and Girls" is on the turntable and the volume is a respectable din.

And my heart is happy. Seriously. I had forgotten how much I love listening to records. I can honestly thank my brother for that. We don't really walk the same path in life at all. But I remember...being 6 or 7 and he would let me 'sleepover' in his room. He'd make a little cocoon out of blankets for me on the floor. And he'd play records until the early hours of the morning (at least it seemed like the wee hours of the morning to my young excited self). Pink Floyd, Styx, Queen, Boston...the masters of rock. That's what my older brother fed my young ears. And I'm more grateful to him for that to this day than he could really ever know.

It's something I still love to do to this day. And I still have those albums (my own copies) that we listened to so many years ago. I doubt he'll ever make his way over to this blog, but if you do...thank you Steve.

And thank you Alabama Shakes for releasing the album most perfectly suited for vinyl that I've heard in quite some time. If you have a turntable that you listen to, you owe it to yourself to get this album on vinyl, because holy shit it's amazing. I stood in my open doorway, the rain coming down with the thunder and this album on the stereo....and it took me back...just took me back to that old mo'town Aretha meets Janis Joplin meets Otis Redding meets soul that's way the fuck ahead of its time. Yeah. It's that good.

The thunder really just adds that perfect vibe. I can't really put in to words how amazing this moment...this mixture of light and sound and environment and pure joy that I'm feeling right amazing it really is.

The double edged sword of 'living in the moment' cuts deeply. The thing soon as you step outside of yourself to realize that you are truly living in the moment (unadulterated bliss is the dead give away, btw), you run the risk of snapping out of the moment and starting to analyze it, instead of living in it. It's a slight risk. And only because, statistically, very few people actually live in the moment and even fewer still actually acknowledge that fact.

But when it happens.....when it happens.....

It's friggin' amazing.

That's about how my Saturday afternoon is going today. And it's amazing my friends.

Hoping yours is too.




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