Shooting Through The Walls of Heartache

So...it's a day after I finished the Warrior Dash. I say finished because, to be fair, I didn't really 'run' it per se. Nor did I dash. There was a total distance of probably 200 yards in the whole 5K where I was actually jogging.

But I finished. I walked across that finish line (OK, I actually did try to jog across the finish line). I did every one of the obstacles (this was after hurting my foot on the first obstacle).

In short, it sucked. It was the single hardest physical thing I've ever done in my life--second only to sneezing after open-heart surgery (which, for the record, I don't recommend to anyone).

I learned a few things along the way though. Things about myself.

The first, and perhaps the biggest, was that I need to face the fact that I am alone in certain areas of my life right now. There's no guarantee that Nancy would have been there to support me if we were still together. For all I know if would have interfered with one of her rehearsals. But...to cross that finish line, scan the crowd of hundreds of people and have not one single famiiliar face there sucked. And I almost got caught up in that. Until I looked back on what I had accomplished along the way.

I finished a 5K Obstacle Course in 95 minutes. That's roughly a mile every 26 minutes. Not a bad clip for a guy who couldn't walk around the block 2 years ago without getting overheated. And considering the obstacles were pretty much like mini-bootcamp, I'd say I did OK.

I learned a few things about myself out there, too.

The main life-lesson that was continually and someone brutally reinforced to me was that I was running this race against no one but myself.

There are more life lessons and self-realization that I gained from the WD. But I'm tired. So I'll leave you with thoughts of muddy mayhem.

And another post on this fun topic tomorrow (which will likely include more pix).


G'night my friends.





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