The Best Chocolate Malted Around Mostly

I wonder if all ideas are just out there..and they manifest when the time is right. And if someone has an idea and they don't express that idea...does the idea come out somewhere else?

Not that that actually has anything to do with chocolate malteds. I am not really sure why I call it a 'malted' instead of a malt, but I do...sometimes. I long ago stopped trying to figure out why I do some of the things I do and just roll with it.

  • In my opinion, there are 4 locations in the Westerville area that have chocolate malts worth mention. They are as follows:
  • Graeter's
  • UDF on Maxtown
  • Dairy Queen
  • Knight's Ice Cream

There are probably other places to get a chocolate malt, but in my mind, those are the 4 places that produce one that most closely matches my minds interpretation of what a malted should taste like.


And how should it taste? That's actually quite easy. It should taste like a Whopper Malted Milk ball...only in ice cold creamy liquid form.


There is one secret I will let you in on. In order to achieve this 'perfect' chocolate malted, you must order them with 'extra malt.' It will cost extra 25-35 cents extra in most cases. But it will make all the difference in the world in the flavor.


I say this after having ordered the malts the way they are told to make them. When trying out a malt somewhere for the first time, I always order them on-menu. I ask only for a chocolate malt. In almost every occasion I have found the extra malt warranted.



Out of the 4, Graeter's has the best ice cream. They also give you the option of making it with chocolate ice cream or with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. If given the choice, always choose vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. I can't explain it, but there's something about having to have the ingredients mixed together that actually gives it a creamier chocolate flavor than just using chocolate ice cream alone. You'll still want the extra mail at Graeter's.


Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen's malts are pretty standard. There's nothing terribly special about them. They are a 'good in a pinch' kind of malt.


Knights Ice Cream

Knights is one of those ice cream places that is truly seasonal. They've been around in Westerville as long as I can remember. Their malteds are good. The ice cream is good. But the price is too high. They're higher priced than even Graeter's. The size is also smaller. So, for the money you're spending vs. the amount you're getting, it's not really worth it. In my mind, what I was paying for was largely the nostalgia factor. And to be honest, that's a high price to pay for a mediocre malt. Plus their seasonality makes it a good idea to not get too attached. You won't be able to go in to Knight's in October and get your Chocolate Malt.


UDF (United Dairy Farmers)

The sleeper hit of the Chocolate Malted world. The ice cream is better than average. And their price is awesome. For nearly a dollar less than Graeter's you can get a chocolate Malted that's half again the size of the Graeter's counter-part. And, I've found that you may or may not need to add the extra malt. (For example, the UDF on Rt. 3 just outside of Sunbury is heavy handed with the malt. Saving you .35 cents).


Each of the 4 has it's ups and downs. I like being able to walk to Graeter's from my apartment. This reason alone makes it the top of my list. If I'm out and about, it's usually UDF. They're fairly solid across the board.


And that's about all I have on chocolate malteds for this blog that's not really a food blog at all.






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