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Wait For Walk Signal

It seems like at various points in my life, all I'm doing is waiting for the walk signal. Which...really is kind of odd. The metaphor of standing on a corner calls all sorts of off-color metaphors to mind. Or perhaps it calls metaphors to my off-color mind. Either way, shit makes me think.

I think a lot. More than I should about some things, and clearly not enough about other things.

It was kind of a nutty weekend. We had a major software update at Friday (and Saturday, and Sunday) were quite interesting. I think the kinks (in the software) are finally sorted out...but yeah.

Hung out with my neighbors Saturday evening and lemme tell you, THAT was interesting. It was a good time. They're a good bunch of peeps from what I can see. They can't really take the place of the neighbors I moved away from, but I still feel good about the move.

Sunday was a day of volunteering at the Arts and Music Festival in Westerville.

OH! I almost forgot. I hit Bed Bath & Beyond on Saturday. It was my first time going. I mean, I think I went once with the ex, but I don't really count that. Picked up a few things for the house including a new bedroom set (sheets, comforter, etc). And this supercute lamp:

Yeah, I said supercute. It was mostly tongue in cheek, but it is a cool lamp. And I got to use my free lightbulb from the City of Westerville.

Also on deck Sunday was our bi-weekly family dinner. I put my 10 day cleanse on temporary hiatus as I had some of this yumminess:

Yup...Fried chicken and waffles. Dad got a new waffle maker that does 2 at once. Now I just need to get a healthy recipe for waffles to use with mine.

I'm still feeling the effects (just tired mostly) of forgetting that I'm not 24 anymore (that would be Saturday night). The fermented beverage side of the bottom shelf of my fridge is mostly empty (hey-I shared with my neighbors). I'm not in a huge rush to re-stock it. Since going on the 24Day Challenge, my metabolism has shifted and my body processed alcohol differently now. Which is to say, I'm a pretty cheap date these days.

Speaking of dates and dating. Actually , no I wasn't. Not really.

I'm just kind of babbling. Still trying to get back in to the habit of daily writing. What this means to you, the 7 people that actually read this blog on a regular basis, is that there may be some posts with the distinct underpinnings of shit. I'm thinking that this might actually be a post of said variety.

I'm going to try to get back in to kickboxing/Hap Ki Do tonight. I don't think my knee is quite up to doing a double again, but I'm going to for sure try for the kickboxing. I'm not going to lie. I'm nervous. I'm nervous that I'm gonna screw it up and hurt the knee again, or get hit with the realization that I need to change my mode of exercising.

Of course, none of that could happen. Adrenaline could kick in and it could be a fanfuckingtastic workout. I'm secretly hoping for that, actually. We shall see.

I'm almost to the end of my little baggie of carrots which generally means it's about time for me to pack it up (pack it in, let me begin...) and head back to my desk to face the crisis du jour.

Hoping your day is full of awesomesauce!




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