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Sometimes lately, I feel adrift on the waves of life. OK. That's not entirely true. I've had these feelings my whole life. Not constantly. And certainly not for most of the 12 years I was on anti-depressants (a story for another time). But no...there have been pockets in my life where there was a ...nagging. Like I know that while life may be good (or in some cases not so good), that there was more I was supposed to be doing. I read a great blog post on writing. And owning up to being a writer. And it reminded me of the line in Throw Mama From The Train, "A writer writes." And I would agree with that. I like to tell people that I am a story teller. That I use whatever medium I need to use to tell the As long as I tell the story.But I gotta be honest. I've always been a writer. I think the other stuff comes in to being because there are some things I don't quite know how to convey in words. Or because I have to ha…

F*ck That Wagon

I'm gonna jump past the weekend frivolities (of which there were plenty) and jump right back in to the meat of it.F*ck the wagon. No, seriously. People talk about 'falling off the wagon' all the time. Generally it's in relation to some kind of addiction. And I guess that fits to an extent. I started the "No MorcAlright. My keyboard is acting a fool. I'll come back to this shit later(Better here than floating around my head...Thanks Blogsy)

Cloudy With A Chance of Drunk

No. I'm not drunk at the moment. Ask me again in 5 hours. That could all change. Today's a pretty monumental day. It's been 7 months since I moved out of her house. I say her house not to be a dick, but because the house is in her name. Literally, it's her house. And there's all the metaphoric bullshit I could tumble in to with that reference, but really, what's the point?Today I'm going downtown to file the paperwork. I think we finally have everything we need to end this shit. Our accounts will differ, I'm sure, they always do when two or more people try to recollect tragic events, but this day has been years in the making.44 pieces of paper. Several notarized signatures. Several more just normal signatures. 8 paper clips. 2 staples. $175 bucks. That's what it takes to end 11 years of a life with someone. At least legally. The mental and emotional adjustments will take longer. Of that I have no doubt. I've lost my best friend. That's a…


First off I want to just say that apparently the word "habanero" is spanish for "hot as bloody hell when things soak in it over night." Yeah. The wings I had last night (from Clucker's...the mango/habanero) were warm last night. Today at lunch there was about 10X the heat. And I'm pretty sure that the first person to have ever written about the stench of fire and brimstone was standing next to someone who had these wings for dinner. Wow. Some days it's a very good thing that I live alone. Pretty sure even the dog would have disowned me after last night.And then to follow that up, this morning I'm heading out to work and I break the damn door handle on my car. Don't ask me how, but shit is broke. A few friends tell me it's a fairly easy that may be Sunday's project. Crazy.Anywhoo...speaking of crazy shit that goes through my head....I had a scene my head about Jesus (yes, THAT Jesus) pitching an idea for a book to his publisher.…

And A Big Ole WTF To You, Too, Tuesday

I woke up thinking today was gonna be a pretty kick ass day. I had a dream that I actually remembered. I attribute that to the fact that for the first time in months, I went to bed without any medicinal aids of any kind and decided to just sleep.It was a rather vivid dream involving the photographer who shoots the Humans of New York Blog and 2 of his friends. I have, of course, never met him or his friends and I have no idea if my visual represensation of the three of them bears any similarity to persons living or non-, but it was a pretty cool dream nonetheless. I think I might have even been getting hit on by some of his female aquaintences, but I don't know if that's one of those details your brain fills in after you wake up or not. Regardless...I was pretty happy. The drive to work was what it always is. Which is to say, not bad, but still a commute (which I someday hope to eliminate either by becoming independently wealthy or convincing my employer to relocate within wal…

Testing Testing