In one of my books, I'm gonna have a snarky lad of Irish descent.

There will come a time in this book when he has to impart some wisdom...some deep secret of his past. And in that conversation will be the following passage...

"Well of course I've got demons, son. We've all got demons. Every one of us. But I faced mine a long time ago and did what any Irishman worth his salt would do."

"What's that?"

"I got mine drunk, told them they could sleep it off until morning, but they had to feck off before the missus woke up or she'd be good and proper pissed and give them what for."

"That worked?"

"Son, have you met my old lady? You bet your ass it worked."

I'm not sure when that book will be written, but there's a good chance it will be autobiographical in nature.

Oh, and congratulations if you actually found this post of your own accord. I don't always post little pointers on MyFaceSpaceTube to my updates. Sometimes I just like to write shit out here. For a couple of reasons...I don't always want to seem self serving and needy by saying 'I wrote something...here, go read it'  But I also wanted to just write for me. And, well, you. It's like an easter egg on the DVD menu. You have to actually be intentional about looking for it.

And I think that's what's missing from our daily lives these days. The intentionality. I didn't really mean for this to turn in to a rant. I really just wanted to write that clever bit about the Irishman who got his demons drunk and it didn't really seem to fit in with everyone's gushing over the Grammys.

I couldn't give two fucks about the Grammys.

You want an award for making music? Start a band. Play some gigs. Have people other than your immediate friends and family pay money to come see you because they want to. That's all the fucking award you need.  Fuck all this ego-stroking and posturing. Get out there and make some fucking music already.


Alright, now I am going to bed. I have been avoiding it because I know when I wake up, I'll have to go to Queens job site. And there's still no heat. But hey...they flew me out to finish the job. So fuck it all. I really did try to write 'feck' but apparently that gives my MacBook's auto-correct (or perhaps Google's auto-correct) fits and it keeps trying to substitute 'deck' instead.




US Scareways

Some airlines have the whole 'connecting flights' thing down to a science. A well-oiled machine.

Heh. Yeah...no. I can't keep a straight face as I type that.  I started to say that Southwest did it right, until I remembered my sprint across Midway last summer trying make my connection as they announced my name on the PA.

Seriously--that's the worst. That shaming page on the P.A.

It goes a little like this...

"Attention in the terminal. Attention in the terminal. Flight 1234 is paging Andrew Todd Skaggs This is your 10 minute warning. The plane has boarded."

What you hear is

"Hey everybody in the terminal...check it out. Andrew Todd Skaggs is late. Like seriously late. I mean where is this guy?!? We started boarding this plane 20 minutes ago and this dude is nowhere to be found. We've checked Auntie Ann's and even that generic gift shop with the $6 Swedish Fish. Where is this dude? People on the plane want to get the hell out of here....run fat-ass run!!"

Well...maybe that's just what I heard.
Worst part on that one is that I had to pee.

Which, actually, may be a trend.

My flight from Columbus to Charlotte last night was running tight. I knew it would be tight. I had 30 minutes or so from the scheduled touchdown to the time the connecting flight was boarding. I was landing at gate C2 and needed to get to gate C13. At some airports (*cough* Washington Reagan *cough*), this requires a bus ride. I checked the interwebs, though, and at Charlotte, this was in the same area. No problem.

Only we didn't take off on time. We were about 30 minutes late.

We landed at 745.  My connecting flight started boarding at 740 and was set to take off at 820.

And I had to pee. So....by the time we got off the plane (which was a whole other circle of hell that Dante never envisioned. For real. When that >ding< seatbelt light goes off, the cattle all stand up to hurry up and wait...and it took them 10 minutes to even open the damn plane door)....ok...so I step in to the terminal...and I have to pee. I mean it's not urgent, but I know it's coming.

Only it's after 8. And I look at the gate of my connecting flight...and it's empty. So I panic and rush up to the counter and give my boarding pass.

And I board the plane.

On a window seat.  2 other people between me and the aisle.

Ok. No biggie. I'll go pee when we get in the air. (Since you can't go pee when they close the plane door).

Well..by the time I had the chance, the 2 people next to me were asleep.
Then there was the drink cart.

By the time we landed, I really truly had to urinate. Good times.

The big takeaway there is never pass up the chance to pee.


And then there was the whole shitake mushroom mixup with my luggage. Well, not really a mix up as much as my luggage not making the flight. Apparently the baggage handlers stopped to pee. So my luggage was on the midnight flight out of Charlotte. Which, apparently, is nothing like a midnight train to Georgia.

So what have we learned?

  • Always take direct flights when your arrival (and or that of your luggage) is a time sensitive issue. The added cost of the direct flight is nothing compared to the aggravation when either you or your luggage fail to make it some place when you need to  (or even at the same time).

  • Never pass up a chance to pee.  Because...what would have happened if I couldn't have got from my seat to the 1/2 closet passing as a lavatory in time? Depends. No...seriously. Depends. I'm thinking of wearing them on my next flight. Luckily for me. the seatbelt was so tight that I think it hit some ancient Chinese accupressure point that kept me from pissing myself.  I'm just thankful that I'd lost 10 lbs since the last time I flew.

  • If something is vital, keep it on the plane with you. Learned that after my last trip and it paid off on this one.
On the plus side, I got a nice little TSA friendly amenities kit from US Airways. For whatever that's worth. 

And while we're wrapping back around to how long it took to de-plane (well, one of us is wrapping back around to that, anyway)....Why can't the airlines seat people according to time to their connection? I mean I know there's some unknowns, but damn...people who have to sprint to the gates should be allowed to deplane before the hip-hop twins who are at their final destination. It doesn't make much sense to me. I'm sure there's some valid reason, but that wouldn't be any fun, would it? I don't want you to apply logic to my rant. This is America, I want to bitch about something without any logic or rational thought entering in to the equation whatsoever.

Well...I guess that's all I've got for now. I think it may be time to either take a nap...hit the hotel gym...or grab some dinner. 

Decisions, decisions.

I'll leave you with the view I woke up to this morning...


Oh For The Love Of....

Well...I'm back in New York. And I have to say, I'm no more of a fan of winter travel than I was the last trip out here 3 weeks ago.

I did learn a couple of important lessons.  If it's important to doing your job, pack it in the bag that stays with you.  There's a little network device that I need to hook up tomorrow (the whole reason I flew in a day early). The backup to that device is in my luggage. THAT device is in my back pack. Which is sitting next to me.

Why is that important you ask? Well...because I'm in New York and my luggage is in North Carolina. I can completely understand the luggage snafu the last time. Last time our bags were check on US Airways. We later changed to American. The bags stayed on US Airways. Despite American's clusterfuck of handling the situation, we got our bags back the next day. I get that.

But this time I changed flights BEFORE my bags were checked. The problem was the "tight connection" as the baggage office lady put it, in Charlotte.

Was it a tight connection?

Excuse me?

In Charlotte, did you not have a whole lot of time before the connecting flight?

We landed as my connecting flight was boarding. I guess you'd call that a tight connection.

Well...there's a later flight out of Charlotte. A midnight flight....but oh. It doesn't look like your bags are on it. So, it will be tomorrow. Unless they forgot to scan them. Sometimes that happens in Charlotte.

So, not only did I not have time to pee in Charlotte, but they apparently didn't have time to do their jobs, either.

OK....THAT made me nervous. I get that they  should be in Charlotte and are either going to be here later tonight or sometime tomorrow...but DUDE...if you know that airport is notorious for NOT scanning the luggage, then the whole 'keeping track of your luggage' thing falls apart, doesn't it?

So...here's hoping that US Airways comes through and I actually get my bags tomorrow.

Again, like I said, I learned a few things.

I packed the job-critical item in my carry-on.

I also brought with me a weather-appropriate coat, not just a hoodie. So, while I had to carry my Lands End parka with me on the flights, at least I have it. In the unlikely event that I have to report to the store Monday in the same clothes I'm wearing today, at least I'll be somewhat warm.

I said unlikely because I know that my luggage will show up today (well, Sunday).

It's definitely, as my friend Curtis says, an AdventureTime!

So...yeah...off to try to sleep without my CPAP...this should be fun.

Have a good weekend my friends!




So...funny thing happened to me on the way to work....

I realized that I had left my phone at home.

It was trippy. I swear I went through the phases of grief and loss. Confusion-...'wait...what?..'  Denial...'nah...it's got to be in my bag'.  Anger...'shit! I can't believe I left it at home.'  Sadness...'damn..how will I send goofy 'happy friday' texts?' And finally (after checking Find My iPhone), acceptance--'yup. There is it is on the map. At my house.'


Only, much like Ralphie, I didn't say 'fudge.'

I said fuck.

Sometimes I say it because it's quite possibly the perfect word for many situations. But there are comedians who have waxed poetic on that topic in a far more humorous manner than me, so  I'll leave that sidebar alone.

Speaking of sidebar....PetShop Boys are on Pandora....and I have to say...I really love his voice. A line somewhere between slower Frankie Goes to Hollywood meets Yaz meets early Depeche Mode.

Where was I? Oh yes...the phone.

So...as I'm sitting at work checking Find My iPhone every 7 minutes (because, let's face it. I'm something of a paranoid after the whole iPad in the seat pocket bit. And part of me thought my phone was in my coat pocket and fell out getting in to my car this morning.  Even though my neighbors checked.)...I came to the realization that we as a society (and specifically me) have come to be really attached to that little box.  I could count on one hand the actual number of phone calls I make in a week.   But I text out the ass on that thing.  And browse weather. And news. And FaceSpace. And Ruzzle.

It's the pocket size idiot box. And pretty much everyone I talked to gave me that same look of sympathy....Oh...you forgot your phone? I'm so sorry for your loss.

Which leads me to wonder....are we so tethered to that electronic teat as a society that we have forgotten what it means to wait for things? What's that movie called? I don't know, I'll have to wait until I get home to look it up--no you won't...check your phone. Don't know the song? Shazam that shit.

I can honestly remember having to listen to the radio...YES RADIO....for DAYS sometimes for them to play a new song again and hope I caught it in time to hear the DJ announce the name of the song or even the artist. Hell, if I knew the artist I could walk down to the record store in the mall and look for LPs by that artist.

We have forgotten the joy of waiting. That delicious longing that builds up into a nice little reward when you finally make it through that wait.

I'm not gonna go all Ted Kaczynski on it or anything, but I can definitely see the need to unplug. I don't have a cabin in the woods, but I have an acre of land in KY that's mine all mine. And I'm going to put some kind of dwelling on there.

And I'm going to go there to write.


As Often as I can.

I will probably have a MacBook with me, but there's also going to be a type-writer there. Either an old Royal or  IBM Selectric. We'll see what mood strikes me when I'm type-writer shopping.

Cell reception is ridiculously spotty down there, too. And I think that's a very good thing. There are times I don't want to be reachable.

I'm heading out to NY again tomorrow. So, I took off from work a little early today. Came home and verified what I already knew. The phone was here.  Picked it up gingerly and sent a few texts of success out to some friends concerned for my well being.

Life is good.

But honestly....it was pretty damn good this morning when I didn't have my phone, too.

I may have to 'forget' it more often.

Now please put your seats, tray tables, and stewardesses in their full upright position as we prepare to land.

Have an awesomesauce day/evening/weekend my friends!!


The Following

I wonder, as I look at the title of this post, how many hits will be on Google from that Kevin Bacon TV show? If you're here because of that, I'm sorry.

I was actually thinking of the 15 or so people that follow this blog when I wrote the title.

I know I haven't been writing much lately. No, it doesn't mean that I have given up my dreams of being an international best-selling author and/or award-winning screenwriter. It just means that the last few weeks have been a little crazy. On the order of bat-shit crazy, if I'm being honest.

What it really comes down to is making time to make my dreams a priority in my life.  And I'm getting better about that, actually. And this is a very good thing. And I'm wondering how many sentences I can start with 'and' to drive Mrs. Maser crazy. And...yeah--too far.

So I leave for Queens again in two days. This should be my last trip to go out and help get the new store ready to open. Of course it'll be in the midst of another fun little Polar Vortex because hey--why not?  The cool thing, though, is knowing that when people walk around in that store, the work I did there is actually making a difference. It's actually making it possible for the associates in that store to take care of our customers. To help people.

Helping people.

That's really what it's all about, isn't it?  We all have gifts. And there are people in this world that desperately need the exact gift YOU have been blessed with. But if you die with that gift still inside....you're not the only one that loses. The person for whom you were given that gift also dies.  I don't believe that any of us were given gifts, or talents, or situations strictly for our own edification and personal gain. I firmly believe that we were all meant to help one another. I know that growing up born in the 70's and living a large chunk of my pre-teen/teen years in the 80's I should definitely be part of the 'me-generation,' but that's not how I roll. I don't know what it is, but from a very early age, I seem to have known that the key was helping others.

Some famous motivational speaker said (and I'm paraphrasing here), that the way to make your dreams come true is to help someone else make theirs come true. I firmly believe that's the case.

I'm not going to lie...I still have days where I wonder why some people even bother, but that view point is shifting. I'm having more days where I am thankful for the people in my life. Even the asshats that I encounter in traffic.

Seriously...if there is one major hurdle to achieving self-enlightenment, it's the daily commute. I'm guessing even the Dalai Lama would drop the f-bomb at least once.  Maybe not. But it's fun to think of someone like that as human. For no other reason than the simple fact that if that person, a human, can reach such a high state of love and compassion then there is hope for the rest of us.

Hope. A powerful drug.

I think we need more hope in this world.

Wait...what?  You expected this post to be linear or follow some semblance of order?  I'm sorry. Have we not met?

The original title for this blog many years ago was 'Random Meanderings'--a title that still fits if I'm being honest.  Of course my friend Darrin will always see this blog as the High Plains Thrifter. I gotta admit--I still dig that title. That era came about when I was hitting the thrift stores regularly and putting pix up of funny shit I found there. The problem came when the manager at my regular stop gave me a bunch of grief for taking pix. He seemed to like it less when I assured him that all I was doing was posting the pix online and saying funny things about them.

Apparently his sense of humor didn't fall in to my target demographics. Clearly his loss. Had I been able to say 'humorless asshat' in Somali, I'm guessing I would have been banned from that store a long time ago.

I really don't know where I was going with this.

No, honestly I don't. Other than to say--I'm sorry that I haven't been writing as much lately. I hope to rectify that soon. I'm very nearly done with my photo projects. There are going to be several trips down to the Farm this spring. I know I'll get some writing done down there. It just feels like the place I should be writing, ya know?

Alright. I think I'm very nearly done with lunch. I should probably make arrangements to  post this tripe and head back to my desk.

May your Thursday bring you more of what you need and less of what you think you deserve (trust me, it's better that way.

Peace out!!



Taking a Piss Out of the Nanobots

Nanotech this....Nanobot that.

Clearly nanotechnology is going to happen. Hollywood has a history of prepping us and desensitizing us to things that eventually become common place in our society. Nanobots are no exception.

So...coupling that with a rare moment of conspiracy theory mania, I came up with a possible trigger for the zombie apocalypse.

It starts in public and corporate bathrooms.

A little known tech company is going to get in to the sanitation business.
They are going to develop urinal mats that are moisture activated. The urine will trigger an electronic odor reduction system. You know it's working because as soon as your piss hits the mat, a red LED triggers...if you can last until it turns green (which is accomplished by a normal urination stream for 30 seconds), then you will know the odor reducing agent has worked. At campus bars it will become a game...a rite of passage.

Only...in my mind, the tech behind this is nano.

So...as your stream hits the pad, you trigger the nanobots, which then ride the stream back in to your bladder and in to your body. Like little tiny nano-salmon. When the light turns green you are infected.  A quick check at the initial piss confirms whether or not you have been tagged.

People won't really think too much about birth rates dropping. By the time this happens, there will be enough environmental factors that can be blamed for this.

The implications for this kind of infestation are far reaching. It really only depends on my imagination as I write the book.

Oh. I did tell you this was purely a work of fiction, didn't I?

Thankfully nothing like this could ever really come to pass in this day and age.



Sometimes It's Not Really Up To Me

So...here's the thing with me and my writing.
Not my blogging.
My actual writing.

I don't really sit down and choose what I'm going to write.  For me it happens a bit like this....

At some point I'll get a one-liner or story premise. When this hits, I usually write it in one of the many journals strewn throughout my house. Rarely do I type that. I write it. Pen on paper. The physicality of the act plants that seed in my brain somewhere unknown to my waking self.

Later...when I'm least expecting it...I start to see that seed bloom.

It's kind of like watching a movie.

In fact, it's exactly like that.

I see the story actually unfolding in front of me.

Depending on where and when I am, I will commit certain scenes to memory. Coming back to them later. Editing already occurring in my head before the first word hits the page.

Then, when enough of the story unfolds in my mind, I start writing. Usually typing. I can get in to a zone when I type. Thank you High School Typing class for being able to touch type. I try not to get hung up on spelling mistakes...the point of the first draft is to get as much of the movie from my mind to the page.

As I go back and edit, I see things that weren't there the first time. Or things that were in one place that need to be in another place.

And honestly...most of the time when it's a piece that has incubated for quite some time, I don't really remember writing it.

It's not like it writes itself...but it's pretty damn close. It's very much like I'm transcribing the movie as I watch it.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it does not. A jump drive full of partial stories and scripts is evidence of that fact.

What always surprises me is which story comes out when.

I can always feel when one is brewing. Sitting there percolating like some tasty recipe in a slow cooker waiting for papa to get home.

And I usually have a good sense of which movie is on deck next.

This time I'm off base though.  I had thought that the next one to bubble to the top was the next installment in my 'autobiography up to now.'  Doesn't appear to be the case.

Looks like the next movie in my mind is a little ditty about a governmental program to 'infect' the population at large with nano-technology.

We'll see how it shakes out.

For now, though, lunch is nearly over and it's time for me to get back to work.

In a heated building.

Today's a good day.

Peace Out,


F**king Twilight Zone

So...I'm in NY. 


The original flight was scheduled to leave Columbus at 3:57. I had planned on getting there about 2:30. Then it got delayed (early on today) to 4:57. No biggie. I'll still keep my 2:30 tee time because weird things happen with weather.

And they did.  The departure time got moved back to the original time.

It was clear, though, based on the flight to Philly before ours (1:30 departure), that still hadn't left while we were chilling at the gate, that the flight was going to be delayed again.

My travel app showed the connecting flight from Philly to LGA as being right on time.

At one point near the end, our flight was scheduled to get in 7 minutes after the last flight out of Philly left for LGA.

Now keep that piece of info in mind...we'll revisit it later.

We knew we'd miss that flight out of Philly. So we got the airline to switch us to a direct flight. This direct flight was on another airline and was scheduled to leave at 5:20 (just 30 minutes from the time we actually got the tickets). So we booked ass to the counter...only to find that the flight was delayed. Shocker.

We finally boarded the flight at 7:15 PM. And then we waited.

And then the captain came on...

Uh....folks...we just want to keep you apprised of what's happening...We seem to be having a bit of bad luck. The first is...the weather. We're constantly trying to stay ahead of that.

The second is..well..every plane has an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). It's used to start the engine. Our..uh plane doesn't seem to have one that works so we're working with the ground crew. 

The 3rd problem we're running in to is, well, the crew has been at this all day and is about to time out. Which means we'd have to de-plane.

Fortunately, we were about to take off. They got the plane started. 

90 minutes later we're landing in Laguardia (although I could have sworn we landed in a cloud)...

Fast forward another hour after we landed standing at the Baggage Claims office looking for our bags (see previous note about flights missed in Philly and you'll know where our bags are).

there's more to the story, but I'm fucking wiped.

More later.

Peace out.


All Over God's Green Earth

"I'm looking for a pair of insulated or quilted bib overalls. Carharts or something like them."

It seems a simple phrase.  I uttered the phrase on my quest at eight different stores today.


  • Walmart in Westerville
    • They had a decent selection about 2 weeks ago. And I even thought I could fit in to the XXL's. Today they had only 3 pairs of full coveralls and a couple of jackets. Nothing in my size.
  • Walmart on Morse Rd
    • 1 Carhart Jacket.
  • Walmart on Rt 23 North
    • 8 jackets (not my size) and 6 coveralls (very much not my size).  1 set of bib overalls that would have fit me in jr. high.
  • Meijer on Maxtown
    • 4 jackets. 1 set of bib overalls of the 'jr. high Todd' size.
  • (Ghetto)Meijer on Cleveland Ave.
    • A few jackets and 1 pair of bib overalls
  • Sears at Easton
    • Jackets only. They don't even carry the bib overalls. This was news to me since I asked the man in the tool department the very specific question listed above and was directed to the men's department.
  • Cabela's
    • Don't get me started on these ass hats. Completely unhelpful with all the customer service charm of Sun TV. Not to mention they didn't have my size OR my budget ($300 for a pair of quilted bib overalls with tree branches on them?!? No thanks).
  • Tractor Supply Co.
And then, in a last ditch effort....fuel light on vapor (I actually put a little gas in 1 mile before TSC)...I turned in to the parking lot at 6PM praying they were still open (they were).

I asked to be pointed to the selection. And lo and behold, they had my size. But I had a question. Do I  buy the pant size that I wear (which they had) or do I buy them big (since in theory I would be wearing pants whilst wearing these).  I was told to buy them 2-4 pants sizes bigger than my pants.  

That posed a problem. No overalls in that buffered size. And one lonely pair of XXXL Coveralls on the shelf. 

I shlepped them off to the fitting room...guardedly optimistic.

They Fit!!!!

Fuck yeah they fit!!

The quest was over.

I won't freeze my ass off next week. 

Don't get me wrong, I still expect to be cold...but with these coveralls (the equivalent of getting the bib overalls AND the cold weather jacket), I should be in MUCH better shape than the last time we were there. Temps will be colder for part of the week...in the teens.  Without heat in the building, it's going to be cold. 

So...we'll see how it goes. But, I got them. I got my cold-weather gear.

THAT was the main quest today.

Mission accomplished.

It was funny. In every store (where I had seen the items online and in the store itself in previous weeks), I found myself surprised that the shelves were barren. It wasn't until I had hit Tractor Supply and was talking to the (very helpful) sales rep and she said 'You're lucky we have your size but you're especially lucky we have any left at all at any size with this weather'

With. This. Weather.

Oh yeah...Winter. Winter Storms in Ohio.

Makes perfect sense now why every store I went to was picked dry of cold weather work gear.


The other lesson here is...follow your gut. My first inclination was TSC, but since I had seen them at other stores, I thought I'd go that route first. Turns out the last place should have been the first...and I had known that all along.

And thus endeth the lesson for the day.

Peace Out!!


Solitary Refinement

Some days I wake up and I don't know where I am. I don't recognize this life I'm living. It's like I'm an amnesia patient watching someone else's life in front of me.

Odd way to start the first post of the new year. I suppose I should be putting some list of resolutions or Top Ten thisses or thats of 2013.  Truth is, 2013 tested the very mettle of my being.  I had to let got of perceptions of who I was. Let go of perceptions of 'relationships' that were likely little more than smoke and mirrors at the end. And acknowledge the fact that yes, I can get hurt, and that's OK.

It's OK to take time for me.

I've been in my 'new life' for 10 months now. I'm not used to it yet.  There are times when, in a crowd of people, I feel alone. But that's nothing to do with the new life. I've always had that issue.

I almost didn't go out last night. I had steeled myself up for weeks, that 'new Todd' was going to get out and live life. And when it came right down to it, all I wanted to do was stay in the apartment...stay home and watch Netflix, eat pizza and drink beer. And then at 12:01, send out the obligatory "Happy New Year!!" texts to the 25 people closest to me and call it a night.

That's not quite how it happened. I did go out. I did go to Jimmy V's and take advantage of the $75-all-you-can-drink-with-free-appetizers special. Although, I have to say they got their money on the margins with me. I drank probably 1/2 and ate 1/4 of what it would have taken me to eat and drink to actually make that a worthwhile deal for me.

How was it?


There was drama all up in the hizzous. Stuff I just didn't care for. And I did something I rarely do...I looked someone in the eye and told them I really didn't give a shit about their drama or what people said about them. It was of no concern to me. I was there to have a good time and drink in the new year.

That's fairly epic for me because I'm one of those folks that tends to let people spill out all their emotional vomit on them and seeks ways to make them feel better.

Don't get me wrong. For my friends...the people I care about--I'm here for you--however you need me.

For acquaintances at the bar? Not so much. If I wanted that kind of drama, I'd post about politics on Facebook or something.

Life is too short for the drama.

That was the takeaway for me last night.  I've got too much to do in this lifetime to get wrapped up in all the little dramas.

Lead with love and you can't go wrong.

That's going to be the underlying theme of 2014 for me. Leading with love.

I still, in many ways, feel very out of sorts. I'm trying very hard to separate the Todd that is the true me from the Todd that knows people expect him to be a certain way. And I really don't give a shit what you say..you can say you don't care what people think or expect of you...and that may be true for 'people.'  But we all have one person that can melt us with a look. Lift us with a smile. And sadden us if they even show a hint of sadness or pain. THAT person's opinion of us matters.

I'm rambling.

At least I'm consistent. I'm starting 2014 off the way I ended 2013....with some inane ramblings on the internet of shadows of the shit that goes on inside my head.

There is a purge coming in my life. A physical and mental purge. In the coming weeks I will be paring things down to basics. The things I need to be creative....and the things I enjoy. All the rest will be scrapped. The little knickknacks and bullshits will be tossed. I've found the perfect laptop bag. No need to keep 4 others 'just in case.' Software I'll never load. Computers that are 10 years old. All that shit is out the door. It's taking up space and jamming me up.

Mentally the same thing will be happening. Thoughts, ideals, ideas, mental ramblings. They'll either be recorded or purged. Because really, I have to have a sense of clarity in the coming months. There is a lot at the surface and it's ready to bubble over. And I can't have the ideas flowing over the craggy terrain of thoughts that have long outlived their purpose.

2014 will not start with resolutions.

It will start with a revolution.

The iTod Revolution.

Peace Out,

Failing NaNo - 4 Years and Counting

I looked, Dear Readers, and noted that the last time I saw fit to let the words fall from my brain bucket and onto these virtual pages was o...