Oh For The Love Of....

Well...I'm back in New York. And I have to say, I'm no more of a fan of winter travel than I was the last trip out here 3 weeks ago.

I did learn a couple of important lessons.  If it's important to doing your job, pack it in the bag that stays with you.  There's a little network device that I need to hook up tomorrow (the whole reason I flew in a day early). The backup to that device is in my luggage. THAT device is in my back pack. Which is sitting next to me.

Why is that important you ask? Well...because I'm in New York and my luggage is in North Carolina. I can completely understand the luggage snafu the last time. Last time our bags were check on US Airways. We later changed to American. The bags stayed on US Airways. Despite American's clusterfuck of handling the situation, we got our bags back the next day. I get that.

But this time I changed flights BEFORE my bags were checked. The problem was the "tight connection" as the baggage office lady put it, in Charlotte.

Was it a tight connection?

Excuse me?

In Charlotte, did you not have a whole lot of time before the connecting flight?

We landed as my connecting flight was boarding. I guess you'd call that a tight connection.

Well...there's a later flight out of Charlotte. A midnight flight....but oh. It doesn't look like your bags are on it. So, it will be tomorrow. Unless they forgot to scan them. Sometimes that happens in Charlotte.

So, not only did I not have time to pee in Charlotte, but they apparently didn't have time to do their jobs, either.

OK....THAT made me nervous. I get that they  should be in Charlotte and are either going to be here later tonight or sometime tomorrow...but DUDE...if you know that airport is notorious for NOT scanning the luggage, then the whole 'keeping track of your luggage' thing falls apart, doesn't it?

So...here's hoping that US Airways comes through and I actually get my bags tomorrow.

Again, like I said, I learned a few things.

I packed the job-critical item in my carry-on.

I also brought with me a weather-appropriate coat, not just a hoodie. So, while I had to carry my Lands End parka with me on the flights, at least I have it. In the unlikely event that I have to report to the store Monday in the same clothes I'm wearing today, at least I'll be somewhat warm.

I said unlikely because I know that my luggage will show up today (well, Sunday).

It's definitely, as my friend Curtis says, an AdventureTime!

So...yeah...off to try to sleep without my CPAP...this should be fun.

Have a good weekend my friends!


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