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You Dropped A(n F) Bomb On Me

I was recently asked to remove a post of mine from Facebook. Facebook didn't ask. A friend of mine asked. The post had the proverbial f-bomb in it.  At first I was a little bit put off by the request. And then I got to thinking.  People I don't know are looking to me as an example. A role model. A leader.

An example of what? A role model? Are you f...I mean...are you kidding me?

Who am I? I'm just some random dude. Facebook is filled with shlubs like me who rant and rave and cuss in their posts all the time. Heck, at least I only do it when I'm either really pissed off or trying to be funny.

And then I really thought about it. Example/role model/leader aside for another discussion. I'm a writer. At my heart I'm a storyteller. I use music. I use pictures. I use words.

Words are my palette. The colors with which I color the canvas of my tale. And let's face it, the f-bomb is the easiest color to use to get that nervous chuckle. It makes some people nervous. …

What I Forgot in Nashville

So...yeah. On another flight. And I have to say that the iPad Mini with Lifeproof case is truly the bomb. Still using the Logitech (separate) bluetooth keyboard. For a couple reason,'s about the size of my laptop keyboard and keys on the keyboards that are built in to the iPad Mini cases are just a bit too small.I guess that's really two sides of the same reason, isn't it? I'm really thankful for the aisle seat right about now. What is it about airplanes and busses that makes people think it's ok to just fall asleep on them? I guess subways are the same way. Dunno. But kudos to my rowmate for not dropping his drink as he's napping. And kudos to my other rowmate for not shanking him. He's out of it, it seems. He just ordered a coffee with cream and ten packets of sugar. That's a crapton of sugar. I'm wondering if he's not cleaning up from something. DT's maybe? Not sure. Dont' care (from the sense that I'm not judging him …

Flight 1973

It's always a crap shoot on a plane. You may get that perfect flight where people fit in the 3 (sometimes 2) seats and there are no issues at all. Things just fit. Or you may feel like the human version of Tetris. Arms and elbows knees and what not all contorted and twisted. When that happens, about the best you can do is remind yourself that it's a short flight (even if it isn't). And sometimes your plans to be the mile high blogger are waylaid by something as seemingly insignificant as the fact the in-flight wi-fi is down.

sometimes you cant even use the tray table at all because it's just too fucking awkward.and that's ok. As humans we find ways of adapting. And in the grand scheme of things, this really is no big deal. I have no illusions of grandeur in this situation. I know that I'm not going to pen the next great American novel at 10,000 feet on an iPad Mini in turbulent skies (but it would be pretty fucking cool if I did).I have to say that the LifeProof…

The Gravity of the Situation

I don’t often get to blog from the actual plane on any of these work trips. Mostly for a couple of reasons...length of flight is the key...and dammit..I misjudged my time so this post won’t be completed on this flight either.

I’ll get the chance to correct this little time change oversight on the flight home Tuesday. We have approximately a 2 hour flight to Nashville (and I get to add another glass to my airport shot glass collection). We’ll see how that goes.

All time change bullshit aside, today was an insanely calm travel day with little to no mishaps.

I opted out of checking a bag since we were going to be here for such a short period of time. So..there’s a win there (although the one time where bags fly free--and I don’t need to check one...might check it on the way home just because pulling the CPAP out was kind of a pain in the ass).

There was a good 90 minutes between our connecting flights in Chicago. So even if the weather had gone tits up (blame the BBC), we still had time.…

Not as committed as I should be

I can’t really explain certain things that pop in to my head. It has come to the point where I really stop trying. It doesn’t do any good. And the more I explain things to people the more I realize that a) they either think I’m bat shit crazy; b) they’re not sure if I’m bat shit crazy or just did a lot of drugs at some point in my life; c) possessed by demons; d) all of the above.

And I’m not going to lie-I’ve thought all of those things too. The notable exception being a “lot” of drugs. I haven’t done a lot. And that’s where I’m going to stop that little sidebar. No need to add any more fuel to that fire.

So...thing is...I feel like I have some kind of glimpse in to the universe as a whole. And the fact that there is much more going on around us than simply how many fucking mochaccinos you get this week.

I feel like we are on the precipice of some really weird shit about to go down and there’s some people who know this. And are getting ready for it. I would consider them more of the …

The Awareness

I tend to feel it more when I am experiencing intense emotions. Tonight, for example. I was watching “Derek,” quite possibly one of the more intense television shows I’ve ever watched.

It’s just amazing. I can’t really even begin to describe it. The premise is of a care-worker in a nursing home in England. Shot in the ‘mockumentary’ style of The Office that Ricky Gervais made famous (after, of course Rob Reiner did it in This is Spinal Tap, but I digress).’s amazing. If you have Netflix, stop now and go watch the Pilot episode. It’s 22 minutes, this blog can wait, trust me.

Anyway...the emotions from the show are intense. And I think that’s what triggers the ‘awareness.’

I don’t really know what else to call it at this point. I mean, I know that there have been ‘past lives.’ Only, as I’m becoming more in tune with things, I am realizing that they aren’t really ‘past’ at all. More like...there are an infinite (or may finite) number of universes that co-exist where due to an…