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Technology has changed the landscape of our world, to be sure. The far reaches of the world are brought ever closer while we become more distant from those standing right next to us.

Remember as a kid we all wish we had force fields? Or maybe that was just me.

I just realized that we have them now.  In the 80's they started as Walk-mans ...That's right. Sony invented the first force field. People put their Bel Biv Devoe cassette in their bright yellow walkman and threw those headphones on and zhoooomp! Instant people repellent. A force-field against people, if you will.

This has evolved quite a bit. Later the Discman. And finally...the smart phone.

Think about it. What do you want to do if you're in a crowd of people and you don't want to be bothered. One of two things--put your phone to your ear and nod a bit..throw in a a few 'uh-huh's' and you're set. No one will interrupt you's rude to interrupt someone on the phone now isn&#…

Seriously Fa(s)t Food...WTF?

So...I apologize in advance. The f-bomb may make an appearance.
It happens. Typically when I'm around either people who don't care or feeling particularly self-loathing.
I'm in apartment alone tonight. I'll leave you to deduce which trigger it was in this instance.

I didn't feel like cooking tonight.  I had a long week at work. I had a long night last night. And I was in Dayton this morning for a business building seminar.

In short I was knackered.

So...I reached for the $20 in my wallet. And it wasn't there (memories of how many fireball shots I bought last night suddenly blanked in to place). Sooooooo....the two normal delivery places I would order from were out since I don't like reading my credit card # over the phone to the one...and I quite frankly was feeling too lazy to walk down to DoughBoys to pick up a pizza in person.

That left delivery.

Which means Jets, Dominos, or Pizza Hut.

I don't like Jets.

I used to work at Pizza Hut and really can…

The Missing Magic Link

So...when I was a kid. 14 or 15 maybe...I got a toy. I could never solve the Rubik's cube (this was before the interwebs and java cube solvers)..but I thought sure I could solve the latest Rubik's puzzle.

I called it the Link (But I think that was something else (which I also had))...anyway...It was actually called the Rubik's Magic Puzzle.


The premise is straightforward. There are graphics on 2 sides. It comes looking like this when you lay it flat:
Flip and fold and solve that beeyotch. Seems simple.  And if you're this guy it  is: (You don't have to watch the whole thing...just the first 20 seconds are all you need to be annoyed).

Simple. Right? Of course.  So...I gave it my best shot. And took pix of my progress.  What follows is a progression of what can only be described as ''...

Here's where it started to go horribly awry....

Annnnnnnd....we're done.

B%*#@ing About Facebook-You're Doing It Wrong

*NOTE* This is not an attack on anyone who finds certain social media sites quite useful. In fact it is merely the ranting of a dude somewhere in Ohio who just isn't sure if the pay off is quite worth it to him anymore. Also...this post has been in 'draft' mode for days. telling how it's going to actually turn out.

To start, yes. I'm on my "I really am sick of the Facebonkers" phase again. For many reasons. The main one being that this past weekend, when I was 50miles from a cell signal that was reliable and didn't have instant access to my friends' "live" (or is it their "likes"), it was a really nice time.

The irony is that some would say I was disconnected for two days. They couldn't be more wrong. In those two days I got closer to my dad that I've ever been in my life. I got closer to the land that has been in my family for nearly 200 years. I got closer  And I did it all without a single fuc…


I was about to post the following on FaceBonkers:

"Sometimes I start to post something on here and think to myself "hmm...this could quite likely turn in to one of those things that was much funnier in my head." I don't post it.

Oh don't be sad. I still laugh. And those things usually make their way in to the blog or one of the 14 journals floating around my house.

In very rare occurrences, I still post them here. Only later to have my suspicions confirmed. "

What's funny about that is that there is so much noise on that site that it's very rare to actually come across an original thought or idea. The more the site 'evolves' the less in-touch I feel with my 'friends' on there. And that's kind of the sick joke about social media. Everyone says that they get on social media to 're-connect.' And cool. That's fine. But how much 'liking' can you do when this friend you reconnected with only re-posts other shit t…

Thoughts from the land that time forgot...

Sitting on the front porch at the farm...

Dad and I came down yesterday. This place is magical to me. It always has been. Even from an early age this place has been a completely different world from my every day life. Growing up in ‘The Big City’ as Papaw would call it (Westerville wasn’t big when I was a kid--hell, it’s still not...and it sure as heck didn’t seem like a ‘city’ as a kid, more like a town). But it was still night and day from this place. Compared to the starkness and vastness out in rural (and I mean friggin’ rural) Eastern Kentucky, Westerville was like New York City.

My aunt and her significant other came out to the farm yesterday, too. It was good to see them and to be honest, quite a surprise. Dad and I really didn’t expect any of the ‘we’ll try to make it outs’ to actually show because...well, when we travel to the farm, it always seems like they never do.

The house has stood empty for a while so it was in a state of disrepair of sorts. The tornado a couple years …

Temporal Shift

In every thing there is a season.

I read that in a book once. Funny thing about the book I read it in. As I read that I continue to read that book, I feel that there is so much that is left out of that book. That it's very design and current iterations and continual 'translations' are designed to keep its readers from knowing the full story. Whether that is the intent of the book's inspirer or the intent of those who deliver the book to the masses, I cannot say--but I have my own theories on that.

Which leads me to the current thought. There is a time for things. And at this time in my life, yet again, I find myself very nearly fully disgusted with the 'social media.' I feel about is as I feel with the News Media. The News Media no longer actually deliver the news. And social media isn't really about being social. Not any more. Oh, sure, at first it was about reconnecting. But lately it seems as though it's about being classified in just the e…

A Writer Writes

It's weird to me. I mean...well...yeah, I know. Not much isn't weird to me at one time or another. But more specifically this thing of being a writer. That's weird to me. As far back as I can remember, my image of adulthood culminated with being a writer. What do you want to be when you grow up? was the popular question (And still is, I suppose).Taller. was always my answer (true story).It never made sense to me to say a writer. That was just a given. I have written most of my life. Journals, stories, songs, poems, screenplays. It didn't matter what I was writing, simply that I was writing. It's something as natural to me as breathing. It's going to really suck if I find out I'm no good at it (writing, that is, not breathing--pretty sure I've got that down by now)'s the thing. I've always known I was a writer. I'm not making a living doing that, though. How do people reconcile that? Writing is one of those things that I suppose …