The Missing Magic Link

So...when I was a kid. 14 or 15 maybe...I got a toy. I could never solve the Rubik's cube (this was before the interwebs and java cube solvers)..but I thought sure I could solve the latest Rubik's puzzle.

I called it the Link (But I think that was something else (which I also had))...anyway...It was actually called the Rubik's Magic Puzzle.


The premise is straightforward. There are graphics on 2 sides. It comes looking like this when you lay it flat:

Flip and fold and solve that beeyotch. Seems simple.  And if you're this guy it  is:
(You don't have to watch the whole thing...just the first 20 seconds are all you need to be annoyed).

Simple. Right? Of course.  So...I gave it my best shot. And took pix of my progress.  What follows is a progression of what can only be described as 'post-modern....euh..art'...

Here's where it started to go horribly awry....

Annnnnnnd....we're done.

I can't be certain...but I'm pretty sure this is the same thing that happened to my original puzzle almost 20 years ago.  

The good news is...I know where there are still 2 more on the shelf. Add that to the list of things to get down in KY on the next trip.

Have an awesomesauce Monday my friends!!


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