Big Boy Chair

I'm a big boy (as my papaw used to say). I have one of those camping chairs that I got when I first moved in to the apartment (over a year ago). It says--no joke--Big Boy Chair. Because it supports up to 350lbs. The funny thing is, it's kinda tall (or was when I opened it for the first time today)--and my feet didn't hit the ground.

I'm digging it though. Sitting outside and writing.  Looks a little like this:
The second chair is for anyone that wants to come set a spell (can't really get away from my Kentucky heritage).  It's not a big front porch, but me and a couple of neighbors chilled on my patio for a few hours this afternoon. And that was cool by me.

It's been a great weekend so far. I had a Daddy-Daughter Date Night last night. We went to Thai Grille in Westerville and OMFrigginG was that place amazing!--AND--it's in walking distance. How can you beat that? You can't. Trust me. The Pad Thai was amazing.

Today was slated to be spring cleaning day. And for the most part, it has been. Minus the 4 hours chilling with a couple of my neighbors.

I got a funny email last night from a friend who was rather curt and seemingly indignant that I unfriended her on Facebook and it made me laugh.  I expected it from a few people...but I figured that after nearly 3 weeks off, I was OK. It just made me chuckle.

Since I got the new writing desk, the old Steelcase desk is gone.  So that room that was my office (And somehow never quite became the studio I had envisioned) is now my room to work out in and possibly store things (I have some shelving in there). When I save up enough for the love seat, the futon will probably go in my bedroom (since the treadmill isn't in there--or won't be when spring cleaning is done).

I stopped by Brew-Stirs last night after taking Jen home. I have to say that I really had a great time. It wasn't crowded. Everything was chill and the people were cool. And it was actually..fun. Nothing weird like the last time.

So far it's been a good weekend.

Although I think I'm gonna head inside now and grab a bite to eat...charge up the laptop....dig out the citronella candle for future outdoor writing.

Oh...and finish spring cleaning.

Tomorrow will have some jamming.

Looking forward to that!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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