Crave Case

I'm going to try something a little weird here. An experiment, if you will. Now...to be fair, and in the interest of full disclosure--I do enjoy feedback and acknowledgement. It's this weird thing that when I create something, I tend to want feedback, good or bad (but mostly good, if that's cool).

I have said off and on that I am falling out of favor with Facebook. It's no longer fitting my life the way it once did and is becoming more of a distraction.

I'm going to wind up leaving it, I think. Or at the very least if I find myself unable to completely abandon it (for reasons listed in one of my other soap-box derbies), then I will be cutting my time on it way down. I have already taken it off of the iPad (do I really need to be able to get to it on every device I own??).

And now here's the fun part--the mental challenge, to me, if you will. I'm going to actually do my best to not log in to FB all week. I'm not going to post about it (because it was recently pointed out to me how absurd that actually is).  And this may be the last time I blog about it...unless I post a follow up at the end of the week to say what my next phase in the great social experiment actually is.  

So..I won't be posting my 'I just wrote something I think is groovy--go read it and tell me you agree with me' kind of post anymore. I leave it up to you to actually check back here every so often to see how life is going in my end of the world.

If you want to email me, the following is my email address. I've added spaces and you'll need to actually convert the number back:
filmdude seventy-one at me dot com

I'm just increasingly finding myself more disenchanted with the whole thing so I really need to just take a break from it this week...this month...this summer and see where my head is at.  

And with that, I wish you a happy Monday. A day filled with dread for most. But for me a fresh start to the week. A crazy (I'm sure) week that will end with me stepping way the heck out of my comfort zone and partying/hanging out with friends at Put-In-Bay.

Have an awesomesauce day my friends!


(I know I normally sign it -A.T., but I felt like going with Todd this morning. A.T. will return soon--probably at lunch, to be honest).

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