It wouldn't surprise me, if I looked through previous posts from about this time last year, that I would find a post very similar to this one (hell--it might even be named the same thing) about going through social media withdrawal.

But...thing is...I'm way too fucking lazy to actually go back through and read them to try to find it. I'm sure it's there.

There seems to be a difference this time around though (that lets me know it's probably the right time to do this)....I don't miss it.

I fought....literally fought myself last time. And by literally I mean mentally. Figuratively. Not literally at all, because who can really actually physically fight themselves. Except Tyler Durden. But that dude was nuts.  Great soap. Batshit crazy.

Last time I deleted Facebook because I know that by deactivating it only, you can turn the lights back on at any time just by logging in. If you delete the account, it's much harder to go back. Last time I deleted it as a deterrent. This time around I deactivated it. And haven't really felt the urge to log back in, but one time. I realized that someone's address was in the Instant Messaging and I needed it. But you know what? I texted someone I knew might have the address, and she did. Weird. Actual interaction.  Well..mostly.

It was nucking futs man!  And it was awesome.

Here's the other thing. I don't miss ANY of the drama. It's one thing to say you're keeping in touch with someone, but just scrolling on their Facebook wall ISN'T keeping in touch with them...it's stalking. Seriously. And I have a confession to make. 96% of what you posted didn't affect me one way or the other. It would be harsh to say I really didn't give a shit about most of what people posted about.

I didn't say it wasn't true. I just said it would be harsh to say it.

Don't worry...I'm not quite ready to go on an Anti-Social Media Campaign just yet. But I can definitely see the benefits in my own life.

Just last night, where I would have normally spent an hour going through the 'Wall,' I instead got up, put on my shoes and actually went for a walk.   Went Uptown. Talked to a couple of the business owners....got a malt from Graeter's....chatted with one of my neighbors down the street on my way back to mi casa.  It was really nice.

I took about 10 pictures that won't ever go online (gave a couple away--because that's what 'sharing a pic' used to be about).

Don't worry...I'm guessing there will be only a few more posts on this until I actually get it out of my system. It's an addiction. I'm not going to lie. I was/am addicted to social media. I think a lot of people are. But I know that if I stay involved, I'll wind up going down a rabbit hole of misery. I found myself seeing everyone's perfect life and wishing I had that in my life. And conversely seeing people's dirty laundry and getting annoyed that they felt the need to air that on Facebook. Either way, it was bugging the crap out of me. And I had to walk away. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Google+ and one of my photosharing sites. All deactivated or deleted.

Alright. I have to get back to work. After work, I'm going to go hang out with some friends. And then back to my place to clean....maybe finally move the exercise bike out in front of the TV like I keep talking about.

Peace Out!!

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