I Almost Forgot!

I can't believe that I almost forgot to mention something awesome that happened today. I got my new Couch Camera Strap!!

Yeah. I'm ridiculously pumped about it. So...when I got the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic, replete with retro stylings, I knew I wanted a retro camera strap for it. The vendor supplied camera straps almost always suck eggs (too thin...too narrow...always branded with the vendor...just...meh).

I found a cool vintage strap at one of the local camera shops. And yeah...it definitely had a 70's vibe to it. But I wanted something that was pretty uniquely "iTod"...ya know what I mean?

So I googled for vintage camera straps and stumbled upon THIS wickedly cool site. It's a company called Couch. Well, you can click on the link (the blue capped word that says 'THIS' in the previous sentence) and find out all about them. But in a nutshell they started out making awesome guitar straps and branched out to camera straps. They recycle old Auto interiors, seatbelts, and other materials. All of their straps are handmade in the USA.

So, instantly I was hooked.

I had 2 or 3 in my cart...and then I found it. The definitive 'iTod' camera strap.


Those are boomboxes.  On my camera strap.

Yes...as a matter of fact, I DO know how frickin' cool that is. AND, after reading the instructions, I found out that it's actually reversible, should I so choose (I wouldn't, but I could).

The strap is designed in such away that I could wear it sling style, but I've got it dialed in for neck wearing at the moment.

And yeah...it is very cool.

Not only is the company top notch, but they also put a personal note on the packing slip AND sent a sticker.

I would expect to pay double for the kind of awesomeness I got from Couch, but the fact is, their straps are about half of what other straps I looked at cost.

So...yeah--you bet I'm happy.

With that, I'm gonna head to bed.  For reals this time.



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