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Life Support

You know when you're watching those dramas and the person is on life support and you get to the point where you're like "Oh for crapsakes, just pull the plug already!!"?  Yeah. I'm getting to that point with Facebook. I've already deleted my Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and MySpace profiles.  Facebook and LinkedIn are really the last 2 of the 'major' social media outlets that I have any kind of presence on.

And I really couldn't give two craps about them.

I was at Put In Bay this weekend. I had crap internet/network access on my phone. Prior to going up, I had already deleted the FB app on both my phone and tablet. So...the only way I could access FB this weekend was on my laptop. Which..for the entire weekend was in my room at the villa. In short, I made sure that when I was experiencing the island, I was actually experiencing it. First hand. Not through a series of posts. Did I take pix? Yup. Almost 100 total. Only 10 or so of those were with my phone. And only 3 of those actually wound up after I got home.

The rest of the pix were taken one-off. With my Fuji Mini 90.  You want a copy of that? Hold still while we take another shot. Or take a picture of it with your phone. I'm not scanning them in. I'm not posting them.

If you want to see the pix from my weekend, ask me. We'll get together for drinks or dinner or just come over and hang out and you can see them. Flip through the photo album. Take the pix out. Actually hold them.  Read the Sharpie notes I wrote on some of them in varying degrees of sobriety.

I mean, isn't that the point?  The whole world doesn't need to see my vacation pix. The whole world doesn't need to know my business. You can read about the crazy thoughts rattling in my head here.  Or email me. Or text me.

Or, I don't know, come hang out with me sometime.

You social.

Have a great rest of your weekend.  Oh...yeah...and I'm gonna probably go ahead and de-activate my Facebook account soon. There won't be any announcements or cries for help or pleas for 'please don't go''s just going to away. Some will think I unfriended them. Some will blame Facebook for screwing up their news feed. Some might ACTUALLY contact me to see what's up. And the 14 or 15 of you will know the truth.

See you in the funny pages!



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