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On Faith

I hope that multiple posts on the same day don't throw the 6 of you off that still check here since I ditched FB. But, regardless, I didn't feel like this stream of consciousness could be tacked on to the turkey salad post.

A question has been nagging in the back of my mind for quite some time (since I was about 13 to be perfectly honest)...

How do you share the truth about something if the only "proof" you have is the feeling in your heart...your soul that what you are saying is a universal truth?'s the thing. I think organized religion has it wrong. By setting up an 'Us and Them' construct, they immediately doom themselves to missing the entire point of this god-thing anyway.

Here's something else I know.

No single religion has it 100% right. And, no single religion has it 100% wrong.

Chew on that for a few minutes. I have been since Friday night when a friend invited me to come to a bible study at his house.

I don't think he's what I would call a militant christian, but I definitely sense that he believes there is only one answer to this God-riddle and he and his church have the Rosetta Stone. It was comforting that he didn't hold to a specific translation that I needed for this group.

For the record...I am not an athiest. I am not an anything. If you ask me to pick a side, I'm likely to disappoint you. Do I think there is a higher power? Yes. And that higher power is love.

The Bible was a good book, if not a bit wordy, with a lot of good lessons. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was also a good book with a lot of good lessons.

Who decides which books get to be 'inspired by God' that millions of people follow?

See? That's my point. No one knows what has been rattling around my brain...heart...soul...that is waiting to make its way to the page. How do you know it's not inspired by that which you call God? If you are of the Faith, can you really sit there and tell me God doesn't still work through people? Do there have to be certain 'signs' for people to sit back and say Ahh...yes...HE has been communicating with God.

I don't think it works that way.

But to be honest...I have no friggin' clue. If the book ever sees the light of day I suspect some will say it's divinely inspired (the irony of which will be revealed when the book comes out). Others will say it's a work of Satan. And (if I'm very lucky)...most will say...That was a good book. A bit wordy, but there were a lot of good lessons.

Time will tell.




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