Short and Sweet

None of the books I've seen on becoming kick ass published writers actually list how to get over that hump and actually start writing.

That's the rub, isn't it?

I have a jump drive full of story starters and ideas and short scripts. I think that it's (past) time to fire that shit up and start fleshing them out...not necessarily as screen plays, but full on stories. Short stories. Long stories. Goldilocks just right stories.

Dammit man...start writing already!


LuBird said...

Some of these post could actually be short stories of their own. Just add another dimension to the plot - chalk in a cute character (or super hero) and there ya go. Get it on!

Todd S. said...

good point!! I had story about an assassin who had a LiveJournal (early blogger predecessor) account and that was a whole sort of story through his "posts"

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