Unfriending the zeroes and the ones...back to the carbon based, in real life stuff...

  • I'm not mad at you (or anyone).
  • I didn't delete or unfriend you (I deactivated my account, effectively 'unfriending' everyone).
  • I don't know for how long.
  • It became too much of a time suck and I spent way too much time on it being more annoyed than amused or entertained.
  • More time for writing/music/real photos.
  • Because it was time.
The above list are the answers to the questions I expect to get about why I de-activated my Facebook account. If you're reading this, congratulations. You knew one of the places to look for me when you noticed I wasn't on your friends list anymore. Acceptable alternatives would have been talking to me in person when you saw me out, emailing me, or texting and calling me.

Because that's what friends...true friends do. They talk to each other. They don't post shit to walls. They don't start conversations (mostly gossip) with 'Did you see on so and so's wall....'

Facebook really has the psychological edge with the whole 'friending' thing. There's a nice twinge of guilt at 'unfriending' someone. 

But, it's time. 

This weekend...with little to no access to Facebook was the tipping point. As I was walking around this island....this decidedly Party Island...and seeing so many people with their heads down over their phones. People at bars taking selfies to post online instead of living in the moment.

It was actually kind of refreshing to have to ask complete strangers to take a group photo and then that delicious anticipation as we all waited around to see how it was going to come out. It was quite awesome, I must say.

I'm just done. I'm fed up. And maybe it will pass, but honestly...there's too much I want to do to actually be caught up in the whole 'social media' bullshit at this point in my life.

And with that, I'm out. 


LuBird said...

I did notice that you disappeared. Right after we chatted. Haha Good for you for doing what you recognized as a need for you and your mental health. Getting back in touch wuth your interests ... Bravo for you. Many will nevwr understand. In fact many will have already forgotten hiw to cintact you for real social events. An interesting mkve for sure.

So retro, man!!! :-)

Todd S. said...

Yeah. I needed to step out and get back in to the real world. The online world is losing its sway on me :-) And I'm sure many won't 'get it' the concept of unplugging seems so foreign when it wasn't that long ago that actually 'logging in and connecting on facebook' was the foreign piece.

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