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I just don't know what it is lately, but I feel the need with each passing day to really unplug myself more from this electronic teat that we all seem to be suckling.

I deleted my accounts last night on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, and Google+. For two reasons. 1. I never really use them. 2. They are points of data that can be used against me. Not that I plan on doing anything criminal anytime soon, but the information on those sites can really paint a picture of who I am. My habits, my locations, etc. And you're fooling yourself if you think that the purpose of any social media site is anything other than collecting data on you to sell to advertisers. Or worse, being collected in government files.

But Todd, if you're not a criminal, that doesn't matter--right?!

Fair point. But consider this. Things that are criminal now--having children working in factories, for example, once used to be the norm.  Not only that, but who's to say that when we finally develop a fully realized AI (which, for the record, is a baaaaaaaad idea), that it won't use all those points of data to decide who it can trust or not?

I'm pretty sure that at some point this summer, my Facebook account will be deactivated. And then, depending on how that experiment goes, I'll delete it by the end of the year. It will be nice to get that time back. And--to be quite honest, it will actually force me to get out of my apartment and do things like go Uptown and gasp interact with people IN REAL LIFE!!!

Our society and social norms make it difficult to completely unplug, unfortunately. But I am pretty happy with the fact that I have a plan to greatly reduce my digital footprint by the end of the year.

I'll keep this blog, and the others I sometimes write. I'll probably keep LinkedIn. And my Gmail and TwistedZen emails. Beyond that, I doubt I'll keep much else online.

Actually feels pretty good to get to that point.

And with that, I'll hit 'post' and go grab a shower to get ready for work.

If you stumbled here by habit, thank you. I'd go ahead and bookmark the blog site now. I probably won't give too much warning when my  FB page goes dark, lest it seem like a cry for 'no please don't go' comments (which it really isn't).

Have an awesomesauce day my friends--step away from your tech and go outside. Enjoy life.



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