Personal incentives are a funny thing. I've started the book (to be fair, it's actually started writing itself at this point). It'll be bumpy. But I have the beginning and I have the last few paragraphs.

I'm not going to get all J.K. Rowling with it and lock those bits in a safe somewhere. Although I can easily see that this may be more than one book and the ending I've penned would indeed be the end of the story of our two anti-heroes whether it were one novel or 5. But I'm getting WAYYYYYYY ahead of myself on that.

I just need to write.

But I also need to de-clutter my life.  So last night I gave myself an incentive--I'd work on the back bedroom (soon to be my exercise room) for a little while and then do some writing.

Clearly my brain wasn't in the mood to write last night. I spent nearly 4 hours in that room (still didn't finish). My initial assessment of it being an all-day project still stands. I took out 4 bags of shit to the dumpster and still have a room that looks like FEMA needs to come visit.

It'll be fixed up this weekend. And then the iTapt (iTod+Apartment=iTapt) will be fully functional and fully my own.

And then my home will be free of the mental clutter that nags at me when I sit down to write.

Oh sure, the other distractions will still be there. Thoughts of what I need to do for work will still sneak in, but for the most part when I sit down to write I shouldn't be going through my mental checklist of stuff that still needs to be done around the house.

Speaking of work. It's been a crazy week. I'm on installs this week so I've been up at 430 for the last three days. It's not my favorite thing, but there is something a little heady about knowing that what you're doing is making a difference for the whole company.

Making a difference is kind of a huge deal. I mean, the ability to affect someone's life (even if it is only their work life) in a positive way is huge.

It's probably too early for me to wax philosophical--but that tends to happen when I read Wayne Dyer books (speaking of, you should read his latest I Can See Clearly Now, it's the shit!!).

Alright. I need to drag my ass off to the shower to get ready for work.

If I don't talk to you later (the plan is to sneak some writing in at lunch today), then have an awesomesauce day my friends!!

Peace Out

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