Mean Girls

For the last friggin' time. No. I have not seen Mean Girls. I understand that it's a fan favorite to quote. But I haven't seen it and have no friggin' idea what you're talking about. By now the movie is what...10 years old?

OK. That would have been me yesterday. But, as I was partaking of adult beverages in a home setting...aka my home....and one of my neighbors found out I hadn't seen it...the situation has been rectified.

You call yourself a film guy? You can quote every Tarantino movie, but you haven't seen Mean Girls? I mean, you just got done saying Tina Fey was hot, how could you have not seen this movie??

To be fair...Mean Girls isn't in the same ballpark...but they had me dead to rights on the Tina Fey thing. She is, at the moment, my one celebrity freebie. Oh...what...like you never played that game when you were married or in a relationship. You had one celebrity freebie that if it ever happened, you'd get a pass to be with that person for a night of ecstasy. Tina Fey happens to be mine. It used to be Jennifer Love-Hewitt, but now it's Tina Fey.

Anyway...where were we? OH yeah. Mean Girls. No, I told my neighbor, I hadn't seen it. They got a flash drive and disappeared. 10 minutes later, they had the movie on USB. I plugged it in to the TV and voila...90min later, I can now say I've watched Mean Girls.

It was a good movie. Well written. Insightful. Funny. I really did enjoy it. I'm not ready to start quoting it yet, but it was good.

The window of the Green Faerie seems to have also passed (yes, I had some Absinthe tonight). Perhaps I'll give it another shot tomorrow after the Crew game. We'll see.

I'm past the creative phase now and in to the creatively thinking of ways to head to bed.

So I'm gonna go do that.

Peach hodsoi....

um...no. I don't know what that is either.


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