An Interesting Development

I didn't discover until after I had started my new job at MicroCenter, over 2 years ago, that my boss had a Masters Degree in Photography. And has taught photography to undergrads at OSU as part of his Master's program.

Needless to say, I was pretty stoked by this. I wouldn't be until nearly 2 years later that I got to see any of his work.

It was really good. I could definitely tell the difference with what was shot on film vs. what I had shot on digital and printed on film.   And we've had several discussions about photography's current state.  Not many, but enough that have stuck with me.

So, it was with no small sense of accomplishment that I managed to keep from gushing this afternoon as he was looking through my fireworks photos from the weekend.

"Wow. These are actually some of the better fireworks shots I've seen."

Now, granted, these were already printed shots, not on my computer. There was no post production work done on these shots.

And I agreed with him. These were the second best collection of fireworks shots I've ever taken in my life.

Which is doubly impressive when you consider that I shot the pix this weekend using my Fujifilm Instax 90 Neo Classic instant camera!!

I shot 24 pix. Tossed 2. Gave away a couple, and made a pencil box out of a few of them.

All in all, a great weekend!

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