Cold and Clammy

So...I looked. The Snugg case with keyboard also does the bullshit of having the question mark and apostrophe accessed via function keys. I don't get it.


It's not that it's impossible to live with, it's just that it makes me a little more concientious about my typing and that slows down any natural rhythm I might otherwise build up whilst typing.


There is a keyboard case that does have the keys in the right place. It's the Clam Case Pro.

There are a couple of downsides:

  • It costs $150
  • It doesn't allow for portrait mode on the iPad while typing (it looks like a mini MacBook)
  • I would wind up looking like a miniClone of my boss (who has one for his iPad2)
  • It costs $150 and I've already dropped $40 on this, so that would make it nearly $200
At the end of the day, I have to really just ask myself if those two keys are really work the extra money. True, the keys are spaced a little better, but again, is it worth it? I'm not going to be typing novels on my iPad mini (but I suppose I would like that option).

Welcome to Shprockets. Now is zee time on zee show vair ve adapt.

Stupid apostrophe.

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