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Independence -n- Sh*t

Store High In Transit.

When manure was shipped as cargo in sea vessels, it was often designated with the warning 'S.H.I.T.' Ship High In Transit. Because, if the manure got wet, it would stink.

And thus we get the word 'shit.''s not a bad word. You can pretty much make anything vulgar depending on your delivery.

Along with that little nugget of knowledge courtesy of Papa Skaggs, it was a pretty great weekend.

Friday I went to the Westerville parade (took a crap ton of pix with my instant camera--come over some time and check them out) a little sunburned. I have to admit that while I had a great vantage point (and didn't have to worry about parking), I was a little disappointed with the parade. When did small town America parades become political ads? Marching floats...some kind of local celebrity (where was Cabot Rea??)  and some kind of military fly over.  THAT'S what I remember about parades. More local and civic groups and cooler floats.

I would say roughly 40% of the entrants in the parade were running for office. It was rather annoying.

But I had a slice from Pasquale's. And a donut from Schneiders.

Chilled Friday afternoon. And then Friday night met up with some friends at a party and then walked down with them to see the Westerville Fireworks. I didn't go last year because, well, I wasn't in that great of a place mentally last 4th. I didn't want to be around too many people at the time. And I certainly wasn't in any hurry to go to the spot where I had watched fireworks for the 10 years prior. for obvious reasons.

So, this year we walked to the Otterbein Cemetery. And then just 8 minutes before they were due to be launched, we went the extra 3 blocks down to the back half of the park. And it was pretty much a front row seat. It was quite possibly the best view I have ever had of the Westerville Fireworks. And I can't see going anywhere else.

I decided to give the bulb mode on my Fuji Instax 90 Neo Classic a shot, so to speak. I had a tripod with me (because bulb mode without some stability is just pretty much a waste of film). I took 24 shots of the fireworks.  It was an exercise in uncertainty. I couldn't really check on the photos as I was shooting. There was no LCD panel on the back to review my progress. Nope. I had to trust and hope in my practice and skill.  I had a pretty good shot...I mean, the film is rated at ISO 800. And in bulb mode I think it's F22. I held the shutter open for 4-6 seconds for each shot.

And when I looked at them later, I found something surprising.  These shots were, without a doubt, some of the best fireworks shots I've ever taken. Granted, my best shots were probably at COSI a few years back, from the rooftop. Those were amazing. These are tied for second place.

This makes me happy.  I'm more than happy to show them to you. Let me know when you want to get together and hang out and I'll be happy to 'share' the albums of photos with you (it's a little more personal than some bookface thing, if you ask me).

Hit up a cookout on Saturday with a friend. Homemade fireworks show after grilled burgers and brats is always a good time.

And today another cookout at  the 'rents. Along with the etymology of 'shit,' we had prime rib sliders, brats, corn on the cob...just some awesome food and company.

It was a great weekend.  Epiphanies...releases of emotional baggage...fireworks...parades...cookouts. I gotta tell you it's been a hoot of a weekend.

And how am I rounding out the weekend you might ask?

Drinking beers watching a Ken Burns special on Prohibition.

I like a little irony with my national holiday weekends. Call me sentimental.

And with that I'm heading to bed.

Hoping you have a wonderful week.  And sure, you can have some leftovers--I've got plenty. Give me a ring or text. We'll get together soon!

Peace Out


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