Lick The Spoon

I'm at lunch eating my greek yogurt and I'm taken back to childhood.

Remember as a kid when you would eat a pudding cup (usually Hunt's)? No matter what kind of spoon you used, you had to usually reach in with your finger to get those last bits of precious pudding.

At what point in our 'growth' do we become afraid of reaching for what we truly want because we worry about what others will think? Good question. So, in an act of defiance, and embracing my childhood, I reached in and got the last bit of yogurt with my finger. And you know what? It was the tasiest bit of yogurt in the cup.

Hmmm. I may be on to something.

Speaking of awesome, I got this cool gift from friends of mine this weekend.

Yes. It is every bit as cool as it seems.

Yes I will share.

I'm typing another blog entry on this keyboard-case thingie and have reached a conclusion. While it is annoying to have to hit the Fn key before the apostrophe, it's not $150 worth of annoying, if I'm being completely honest (I mean, hell, that's the cost of an amp for my acoustic guitar).

So, yeah. there's that.

Some bunny loves me. Hee hee. No. Seriously. This bunny chills at my house. It runs away when other people come around, but if I'm out there, it just keeps eating like all is right with the world. For some reason, I have always had this kind of connection around bunnies. I just "get' them. I don't know if that makes any sense or not. I don't really expect it to, to be honest. And I'm ok with that.

There will be a post or two that will contain a bitch or mini-rant about this apostrophe. But I figure it's like traffic--if I can overcome it, I'll be the better off for it.

Alright, my lunch is over.

Have an awesome day my friends.




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