I started this rant in a paper journal--yes, I still keep them...scattered throughout my house. I have a notebook or paper and some kind of writing implement in every room (yes, even the bathroom--where do you think some of my best ideas come from?!?).

As I sat journaling at lunch yesterday, I looked back on the page and thought--wow--that doesn't look like a psycho-killer's journal at ALL (insert sarcasm font here).

See what I mean?

It's got that slightly off-kilter printing that you always see in the movies. Yes...I glue things in my journal, quasi-scrapbook style.  In fact, the entry that this page is turned to is how Hollywood has vilified the simple act of recording ones thoughts in a non-digital medium. In other words, people see you as either a psycho, oddly artistic, or forlorn romantic if you dare take time to put pen to paper.

To which I reply, f*** off, Hollywood.

Just needed to get that off my chest. I've got some things to go write in my journal as I'm off to finish my soup beans and corn bread.

Have a fantastic Tuesday peeps!!


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