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Saved By Canadians

Today was the Annual Cleveland National Air Show. And out of the last 5 or 6 years, I've only missed one. My friend always gets a box every year (10 center--basically the first row you can sit in) and he, his parents and us go and have a blast.

Last year there were no military demonstration flight teams, so I didn't go. This year, though, THESE guys:

The Blue Angels. Yeah. In past years, I have taken my big camera kit and taken some really kick ass shots (if I say so myself). But I realized something (and it's something that I figured out after getting the Instax)--I got the great shot, but I missed the great day. The laughter...the jokes... the friendship building. Missed all of that in past years because I was always angling and aping for the 'perfect shot.'

This year, I only have 6 or 7 digital shots....with my phone. And over 80 instant photos. They're already in the photo album (you're welcome to come over and check them out sometime).  No…


"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man"
-George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

I don't know if this is progress or not, but I seem to have fully settled in to my new life. There was a moment earlier this week where I thought I saw one of my ex-wives in the new vehicle they had purchased post-divorce--and that was a good thing. There's always that 'what will I do if I see them?' moment (at least there is for me). And while it may not have been her, my mind is satisfied that it was. And that there was no long term weirdness. It's not that I want to see her-I don't. It's just that moment of 'if I do...what will I say.' And I concluded based on this glimpse, that I really have nothing to say. For me there is nothing unresolved. I forgive her. I forgive myself. That's it. There seem to be some minor lingeri…

Beats To The Rhyme

I was shoring up plans for the Cleveland National Air Show today and my friend asked me "so...what's it gonna be this year-a 10ft lens?"

I told him not quite likely. I may bring a DSLR, but I probably won't. I'm quite likely only going to take the Fuji Instax.  I explained that every time I've gone to this I have brought the big camera. Aside from the fact that I'm walking around with a bag worth several thousand dollars is the bigger impact--when I'm so focused on getting that perfect shot, I'm missing out on the event. I had fun the last few times I went, but I missed out on the moment. The joking around...the having fun...the deciding to feck off and go have a look around instead of having to be planted in my seat in time to get the really great shots.

And yes, I got some amazing photos.  But we'll see how this year goes.

I'm giving myself permission to live in the moment. To say fuck it to expectations, and to mostly be Todd this year …


Perfection is a fleeting and ever changing ideal. I find that when I say "I have found the perfect XYZ (backpack, messenger bag, ipad case)," that I really need to end that statement with 'for my particular and peculiar needs.' Because, really, your mileage may vary. The thing that makes something perfect for me might annoy the shit out of you (and the thing that annoys you might be just what I'm looking for). And no, still haven't found the perfect messenger bag yet...but I have a few that mostly meet all of my needs for the particular situation in which I use them (yes, I have different bags depending on the situation). As an update to the ClamCase port size issue...I did NOT find any extender (shame on you Apple) but I did find that the Polk Audio noise cancelling earbuds I got for travel DO fit quite nicely, albeit a bit snugly, but I can live with that. In fact, those would be the ones I would want to fit, since I'll be using the iPad when I travel …

Too Early For This Sh*t

I don't know why I put the * in Shit in the title but say it here. Doesn't make sense to me. But I do it anyway.

These are some of the trappings of thought that go through my head as the last of the NyQuil is wearing off. And I need to trim my nails. Typing or playing guitar with nails that are too long just doesn't cut it, it's annoying as shit. See? There I go again. Cue Whitesnake.

(pause...clip clip)

Much better. It's the pinky and the thumb that annoy me when I'm typing with long nails. And the middle and ring fingers when I'm playing guitar with long nails.

Now you know. And....(cue shooting star shitting a rainbow as it flies across your screen) "The More You Know..."

I could have gone with the GI JOE reference there, too...ya know.. 'Knowing is half the battle' but let's be's not really, is it? I mean....big ass guns are one half of the battle, and people willing to shoot them at each other are the other half.

Meh Pt. 2

This is a test of the new app I bought today. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It's called Hanx Writer.Pretty much a typewriter app. I can see where it could be freeing--different than many of the other word processing apps. I have to be honest--I think it might be kind of like OmmWriter, but with less options for exporting. I love the animations and the sound effects, but other than...honestly I wish they had it for my MacBook. I could see using it on the laptop more than the ipad.We'll see how the exporting goes.So far I think I can just do a Select All and then copy it. I think that what I would honestly like to see is a cloud option for's really the best minimalist writing app I've used on iPad and MacBook.Still fighting the cold. I would have liked to stay home today, but there's too much to get done at work. At least for now. There is a trip coming up to the farm in a couple of weeks. I really can't wait for that. Until…

Standard Tuesday Randomness

I'm fighting what appears to be a cold that wants to come in and play around for a while. I don't really have time for that shit, to be honest. So.I'm thinking a good 9 hours of sleep tonight kicked off with a shot of whiskey and a shot of NyQuil ought to put it in its place. The rub is that today I'm heading over to Dad's to split up the Buckeyes' home games with him and my brother. So...there's a couple of hours there. AND....the new D&D Player's Manual is going to be waiting for me when I get home. So..there's another thing that's going to keep me up for a couple hours if I'm not careful. Meh. I'll figure it out. Somehow I always do--one way or t'other.In other randomness, I'm loving the ClamCase Pro that I got for the iPad Mini. Yes. Still. I only have 2 things that bug me. And they are really non-issues. The first is the port for the lightning adapter only supports the Apple size. Any third party cable that is slightl…

No More Fat Todd

We're back to the point of me feeling fat. I can deal with being heavier. I've been a big boy most of my life (yes..I wore Huskies as a kid), but where I draw the line is when I feel fat. I'm at 317. This is the heaviest I have been since I originally started my 'no more fat todd' journey in 2011 (I was 330 when that all started). And I got to the point where my brain-body-mind-soul all got together and said Enough of this shit, yo. Get it together Skaggs.There's a lot of baggage with the whole weight loss thing for me (and for most, I suspect, but I can't speak for them). It goes a little like this...a while back..2009 or 2010...I had a physician tell me that one cause for the lack of intimacy was that perhaps I was too overweight for my wife to find me attractive. Turns out there were other issues, but that was certainly a catalyst and always stuck in the back of my mind. In 2011 I got my shit together and started the journey. I got down to 265 by 2013. …

Nanu Na--wait...WTF?

I know this is old news by now and probably isn't even a blip on Facebook anymore, but you may have heard that Robin Williams died.You may not like this post much if you are a die hard fan and wept at the news. Or you may not like me much after you read it. And I'm OK with either of those scenarios.When I first heard the news, there was sadness. Until I heard that it was suicide. Hate me if you will, but I'm gonna say this shit right now. I'm anti-suicide. It's the fucking coward's way out. And it is the single most selfish act one person can do. Sure, it's definitely one solution to any problem you're facing, but dude...really? I feel like when anytime someone commits suicide, the Universe at large does a facepalm and says "you just don't fucking get it, do you?"The point is to live through the pain and the shit in your life. THAT'S the stuff that forges who you are. And I don't even mean from a meta-physical-god-is-my-co-pilot k…

Holy Sh*t That Was Amazing

I'm pretty sure my recap of the Katy Perry concert won't be the only one with that sentiment. It might, however, be the only one to recount the tale of a 42 year-old man crying at a pop concert.But before I get in to that, I just want to pause and take a drink of this chocolate milk, eat a glazed doughnut and marvel at the genius of a local doughnut shop that opens its doors at 130AM. Brilliant.So..back to the show. My seats were in the Prismatic Reflection Section. A.K.A General Admission. A.K.A. Close Enough To See What Miss Perry Has Airbrushed Out On Photo Shoots. And I don't mean that in a bad way. I simply mean, there were many times during the show I could have reached out and touched her. Had I done that, though, I would have missed the awesomeness that has placed this show in my top 10 concerts of all time, maybe even top 5. In short, it was f**king Amazing. And, unlike the mouthy dad next to me, I wasn't about to do anything that would have got me kicked out…

Cafe Expresso

I'm thinking that what I need in front of my apartment is a little cafe table and a couple of chairs. Now, granted, my 'patio' as it were is only about 3X3. And there IS a picnic table in the court yard. But still. Even though it might make my patio look a little jank, I have to somehow think it would be better than the big boy camping chair I'm siting in now, art desk on my lap, ipad on top of that-pecking away at this writing thing. The weather is probably one of my favorites--pre-storm. The wind is having its way with the summer trees and it feels as though any moment the sky could open up and dump gallons of water on whomever might be unfortunate enough to be outside. The only warning are the four or five raindrops you're never quite sure you felt until it's entirely too late and you are drenched. I kinda feel like a little table might make my writing outside seem a bit less odd (even though that's never really been a concern with me, I mean, it is in …

I Swear I'm 12

So...funny thing happened to me today. A certain company that sells semi-trucks asked me what I would charge for them to use some pictures of mine that I shot of the Columbus skyline on their website. You'd think I'd be geeked about a sale, right?Sorta. But not really. The first thought that ran through my mind was "Holy crap!! I wonder if they'll let me ride around in a tractor trailer and take funky pix of the semis with my instant camera!!"Yeah. I'm not even a little bit ashamed at being a kid at heart.Hee hee!-A.T.*PS* I'm completely loving this new ClamCase Pro. Holy crap. It's like having a little mini laptop. They really did a heck of a job on the user experience. They definitely took a page out of the book of Apple.(Better here than floating around my head...Thanks Blogsy)

The Reason Good Tools Are Expensive

Simple. Good tools are expensive because they're worth it.You'd never think that a ' would be worth $100.If you're like me, you'd be wrong.I liked many things about the Sharkk iPad mini keyboard case. But the two things I could not get past were the question mark in the wrong place on the keyboard and having to use a Fn key (not even a shift key) for the apostrophe ('). Those seem like really small things. And I had a co-worker tell me "Just retrain your brain-no big deal." Except it was a big deal. On my laptop, on my desktop, on any keyboard I used, those keys were in a different place from the keyboard on my iPad mini case. And everytime I sat down to write with it, something about those two things would just completely halt the creative flow. I had to think to much. I wasn't able to just type (it's very tough for someone who's been touch typing since 1989 to just 'retrain their brain'). I tried. I really did. But was no good.…

8 Directions And A Fire Button

I might be old. I am prepared to acknowledge that fact. I remember Pong. I remember the Tandy TRS-80.And of course I remember Atari. The Atari Video Computer System (later dubbed the Atari 2600). I was 8 when they came out (well...I was 6 when the first rev came out in 1977, but I was 8 when the mainstream push came to get them in every home across America.I wanted one. My Parents told me to save my chores and save the money (what?). Papaw to the rescue. Papaw was going to buy me one. Mom and Dad weren't having any of that noise. Papaw changed his tactic. He said he was buying it for him and it would stay down in KY when I came home for the summer (it didn't). Papaw found ways to make things happen. My first game (besides the included Combat) was Circus Atari. A Breakout clone with clowns, a see-saw, balloons, and a very funny graphic if you didn't last just right.I have fond memories of the first summer with my Atari, and the following years. I think it wound …


I need a day to just sit and write.Today is not that day.Tomorrow's not looking good either.(Better here than floating around my head...Thanks Blogsy)