I Swear I'm 12

So...funny thing happened to me today. A certain company that sells semi-trucks asked me what I would charge for them to use some pictures of mine that I shot of the Columbus skyline on their website.

You'd think I'd be geeked about a sale, right?

Sorta. But not really.

The first thought that ran through my mind was "Holy crap!! I wonder if they'll let me ride around in a tractor trailer and take funky pix of the semis with my instant camera!!"


Yeah. I'm not even a little bit ashamed at being a kid at heart.


Hee hee!



*PS* I'm completely loving this new ClamCase Pro. Holy crap. It's like having a little mini laptop. They really did a heck of a job on the user experience. They definitely took a page out of the book of Apple.


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