Meh Pt. 2

This is a test of the new app I bought today. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It's called Hanx Writer. Pretty much a typewriter app. I can see where it could be freeing--different than many of the other word processing apps. I have to be honest--I think it might be kind of like OmmWriter, but with less options for exporting. I love the animations and the sound effects, but other than...honestly I wish they had it for my MacBook. I could see using it on the laptop more than the ipad. We'll see how the exporting goes.

So far I think I can just do a Select All and then copy it. I think that what I would honestly like to see is a cloud option for OmmWriter...it's really the best minimalist writing app I've used on iPad and MacBook.

Still fighting the cold. I would have liked to stay home today, but there's too much to get done at work. At least for now. There is a trip coming up to the farm in a couple of weeks. I really can't wait for that.

Until then...lunch is over...and I'm back to work.

Have a kick ass hump day my friends!!


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