Standard Tuesday Randomness

I'm fighting what appears to be a cold that wants to come in and play around for a while. I don't really have time for that shit, to be honest. So.I'm thinking a good 9 hours of sleep tonight kicked off with a shot of whiskey and a shot of NyQuil ought to put it in its place. The rub is that today I'm heading over to Dad's to split up the Buckeyes' home games with him and my brother. So...there's a couple of hours there. AND....the new D&D Player's Manual is going to be waiting for me when I get home. So..there's another thing that's going to keep me up for a couple hours if I'm not careful. Meh. I'll figure it out. Somehow I always do--one way or t'other.

In other randomness, I'm loving the ClamCase Pro that I got for the iPad Mini. Yes. Still. I only have 2 things that bug me. And they are really non-issues. The first is the port for the lightning adapter only supports the Apple size. Any third party cable that is slightly bigger won't work. The same is true for the headphone jack. Only a cable with an end that is the size of the Apple earpods will work. My Bose won't work. Again, these are pretty much both non-issues. I have a couple of the true Apple Lightning cables. No biggie. And on the headphone front, I have the blue tooth. I need to see, though, if there is an adapter or extender I can use, because I can envision wanting to use other headphones from time to time.

I hate that fog of feeling your body start to get sick. I am aware enough of what's happening in my body to know that internal resources are being re-routed to fight whatever this is (likely a common cold). Because of that, I'm sweating more. My thoughts seem...slower. Almost filtered as though my body doesn't want to release something that might cause me to behave in such a way that will affect its efforts to fight (such as thinking of taking a 1mile walk this afternoon around the parking lot--not gonna happen).

It's not a very fun feeling. I'm not going to lie. All I really want to do right now is sleep. Which calls in to question responsibility. I have a job to do. Things I am responsible for. And yet, I need to be responsible and responsive to my own body's needs as well.

It's always a fine line that seems to come more in to question as I grow (up?) older.

At this point I'm not sure I like the answer. But that's the life I've chosen for now.

When I get my head out of my ass and choose the Author's life, things will be different.


Who can say?

Either way, lunch is almost over. A fresh wave of sweats has rolled in and it's time for me to get back to work.

Have an awesomesauce day my friends!



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