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I look around and am in awe at how no detail is missed in this menagerie. It is almost a perfect representation of what we as humans think this life is meant to be.

I just can't buy it though. I know there's more out there than this. This is like the first level of the game and the boss you think you have to fight isn't the boss at all, just the gatekeeper to the next level.

And that's where things get interesting....on the next level.

You may have read that previous section and may now be thinking to yourself "Dude...let me have some of whatever it is you been smokin'"  And...well...I can't. I didn't smoke anything. That's not to say that I may or may not be completely sober.  A few Fireballs and Dr. Pepper whilst cleaning the apartment makes for a nice warm feeling. And cookies. And brownies. No...not those kinds of brownies.

But I digress.

This world. This illusion. It's something that's wholly believable. I don't think we're all plugged in to some computer somewhere, a la Matrix style, but I do believe that we are more than what we see. These bodies. They are perfectly designed for this world. But have you ever wondered why we are not all perfect physical specimen? The body is designed to be perfect. It is the perfect machine.  Some people take that perfection and elevate it. Some people take that perfection and let it wither away.  Why?

Some know that this is just an illusion. On what level they know, I cannot say. You'll have to ask them. Because some of them know (even on a sub conscious level), they push this perfect machine to the max. Bend it to their will. Push the boundaries of the laws of time and physics and space. They are the super stars.

Others realize it's not about the body. And they push their mind. Stephen Hawking's perfect machine is eating itself alive from the inside but his mind is so far beyond what the average mindset in this world is that its ridiculous.

The simple truth is, this is a shell. This body. This world.  Your sense of self-importance (and I'm saying that mainly to me, but feel free to listen along) a myth. It's a set of parameters designed to fit within this construct of this thought experiment.

We are all thoughts.  Luminous threads of light emanating from a single loving source in the Universe...the Multi-verse. We are not separate. We are connected. We are no more the same, however, than two thoughts firing through your synapses as you read this are the same. However, we are connected. More so than most would ever care to admit.

The greatest myth of this world is that we are all individuals.  The single greatest flaw of this construct is the sense of curiosity that was left in play. That is also the single greatest gift. Its the reason some of us on this world know that this is just a game.

A ride. One that we have all freely chosen to ride. To see how this thing plays out. The collected data of our lives are but memories and thoughts of the Source. And it is to the Source, the Light that we will all someday return.

The cool thing is...some people can bring some of that Light through now. In this realm.

Those are the people that seem magical. A word. A thought. A smile. The ability to change the whole course of your day.

That is the very definition of blessing.

I'm off to vacuum now. Just had to get those thoughts out while they were tumbling around in the brain bucket.

Have an awesomesauce day my friends,



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