Back to Nature

I wrote the last post and this one on my front porch (ok...patio). I'm currently sitting in a folding camping chair designed for heavier peeps (no lie...it's called "The Big Boy")

I'm out here because I like writing when there's a breeze. I always seem to have to have air moving.  I wonder if it's because Sagittarius is a fire sign and fire needs oxygen?
I don't know. I always seem to have to have moving air around me...especially when I'm trying to be creative. I am sure there is a name for it, but that would imply that there's something not normal about it, and to me, it's the most normal thing there is.

OH...the point. Right. So...I got to thinking--hey...my patio is small, but I still think I can get a little bistro table and a couple of chairs and put them out here. Then I could site out here and write without the lap desk and folding chair and milk crate footstool.

What? You thought I was making that up?

Anyway, I got online to look at these sets. And apparently only thin people go to bistros. Of the 15 sets I looked at in my budget, not a single one of the ones that listed a weight capacity on the chairs were even remotely in the realm of reality for me. 200-220lbs? By next summer maybe. Damn sure ain't happening this year.

It's a little disheartening, if I'm being honest. I suppose I could just get the table and use my Big Boy chair, but this kind of chair wasn't really designed to be pulled up to a table.

I guess it's the lap desk and milk crate foot stool for now.

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