Self Help

I think most books in the 'self-help' genre come down to 4 sentences.

Find the things in your life that cause you pain.
Do less of them.
Find the things in your life that bring you joy.
Do more of them.

It seems really simple, doesn't it? Yet how many people spend their whole lives trying to figure that out? I mean, I think fundamentally we all know the blueprint. It just seems people get hung up on the 'do less...do more' bits of the equation. In reality, that's the easier half of the puzzle. The real thing a lot of people struggle with is identifying what causes pain and what brings them joy. 

I have been fairly blessed in this lifetime (yes,  I believe that I have lived others--nothing in the universe can be created or destroyed, merely transferred) to know the things that bring me joy. Writing..making music...photography....laughter with good friends over completely random shit to name a few.

It's the 'doing more of them' bit that I keep getting hung up on. I hear people say 'I would love to be a writer.' Cool. Then write. Write something every day. Even if it's just some bullshit little post in a blog somewhere that 10 people read. You have an audience. Now write. I know this may seem easy for me to say, but I'm sitting on a jump drive full of half written screenplays and loosely thought out storylines. I am not published--yet. But I'm writing.

It brings me joy.
So I'm doing my best to do more.

Have a kick ass day my friends.

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