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I was invited to a couple of Halloween parties tonight.  Aside from my neck/back still being sore from Tuesday's shot, there's other shit going on that's keeping me close to home.

It does seem like the shot is helping. The pain has lessened...and I was able to get a good pop this morning (which I hadn't been able to do for months it seems), the swelling might be going down.

That, or judging by the increase in finger twitching, it's's probably too soon to tell. According to the discharge sheets, it could take up to a week, 7 days, to actually notice a difference.

And lucky me, the doc said it was too risky to try again. If the shots don't work-he recommends surgery. I'm gonna a) try other routes first (i.e. acupuncture) and b) get a second fucking opinion before I go under the knife again. The post-op complications in '97 are still fairly fresh in my mind thankyouverymuch.

Had it not been cold and rainy with the freeways jam packed …

Tortured Souls

I'm betting, being the clever lot that my limited readership is, that you've no doubt  guessed by the title of this post that it's not going to be my normal sunshine and glittery unicorn farts of a post.

And you'd be right.

I'd apologize for it, but the moroseness has to come out and see the light of day from time to time. Even if it's the pale light of the moon.

I suspect it's because I've been binge watching some Vampire Diaries  spin-off on Netflix. Or perhaps it's because that sliver of universal truth that lives in each of us and cries to be re-connected with every other sliver in every other living thing is tweaking just the right creative vein. Or rather the right neuron to let the thoughts float in my head. Leastwise until I exorcise them.

And that, as you may have also correctly deduced, is where this blog comes in.

From time to time it's a place for me to lay my demons to waste. Oh sure...I have the requisite eom-kid paper journals to …

The Surreality of a Single Second

When someone says something is ‘surreal,’ I believe they mean that something is/has/or will happen that is outside of the normal parameters for what they have up to that point known as their reality.  I have some experience in this definition, as I tend to find things like that on an almost daily basis.
Yesterday was no exception. Dad and I were on our normal sojourn to the Farm. This is something we do or try to do every month or so. The Farm is in Kentucky, and if you knew anything about my history with this place, you’d stop obsessing over the fact that I tend to almost always put it in caps. Yes, it is that important to me.  Our route takes us down 23 southbound for almost half of the trip. Although, after yesterday, it’s possible we will find another way around Chillicothe.  I remember this as though it was yesterday, because…well, it was yesterday. But, after what I had seen…been a part of…I imagine that in 50 years when I tell the story, I will still preface it by saying I can…

Lard Ass

Before I get started...I just have to clear this out of my brain bucket.  Every time someone post "FML" on something, I just kinda wanna scream. FML= Screw My Life or something close to

I get it. We've all been there. Something shitty happens in your life. Say for example, you go in to see the doctor because your wife tells you that she's no longer dealing with your depression and leaving you with the baby if you don't get some help. And in that Dr. visit, doing their routine physical, they find something wrong with your heart. And determine through subsequent tests that you have 6months-tops-to live without heart surgery. Oh. And you're 25.

Certainly that would merit saying 'fuck my life...'

I mean, sure I pulled that example out of my ass, but you get the point. Point is...shitty things happen to all of us.

What frustrates me about the whole "FML" phenom is that it ultimately (in my humble opinion) winds up bringing additional negative ene…

Bigger In Texas you may or may not know, I'm currently in Houston, TX for work. I'm working on a new store that we're opening and I flew in last week.

That sets the background that you need (and may or may not prevent the who gives a rip moment you may or may not have).

I have mentioned it before, but in my hobby of photography, I have been blessed to be friends with the photographers who inspire me. Jerry Kuamoo, all of the friends I've made through Help Portrait, and one other that always inspires me when I see his work.

Tommy Lyles of Signal2noisephotography. He's based out of Houston (there's your A-ha moment).
Cool thing about this recent trip is I got to actually have a day off AND I got to meet up with Tommy.

We'd been Facebook friends for several years, courtesy of our mutual friend Bee.

We hit a cool bar Saturday night called Neil's Bahr.  If I lived in Houston, I would be there all the time. The place had such a geek vibe that I clicked with it insta…

Crazy Ivan

I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soarI was cautioned before this trip to be not let things upset me because they may not be on schedule or at a place our team is expecting them to be. When I was first told this, I thought of Wash from Firefly. His mantra (which is also on my license plate holder) was the above quote.I got 3 hours of sleep. No worries. I am a leaf on the wind.I got to Port Columbus...and out with relatively no hitch. Got to Chicago and kept seeing the 8:30 (Chicago time) departure get bumped. At 10:30 we finally got airborn. We're flying under radar because of issues with Chicago Air Traffic it's bumpy as shit. AND...none of the foodcourt spots had the signature Chicago cuisine availble (because YES, I might just want a slice of deep dish or a Chicago dawg at 7AM...DUH). And no, the cookie stand is NOT part of the food court. None of this is bugging me though. I'm not frustrated or upset. I got some great Super Action Action Ma…