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A Nation of Haters

The day after the Buckeyes (THE Ohio State Buckeye Football team) became national champions, BookerFace was blowing up on the newsfeed. One comment stuck out. A friend of mine had posted that it was time to stop using the word 'haters' in conversation. And also 'anything-Nation.' I'm inclined to agree with him (and the title is really more just my way of being a sarcastic twat about it).But that got me thinking...why are people so passionate when it comes to their sportage? I think that most people tend to forget that the word 'fan' is short for 'fanatic.' And fanatic is just a very nice way of saying 'crazy fucker.' Which...makes sense. I enjoy watching some sports...participating in others, but I wouldn't really call myself a 'fan' of any particular team. I enjoy watching the Buckeyes play and win, but (I get the sense) not nearly as much as some of my friends (and even my own brother). But it's cool. I'm good wi…

Gadget Whore

If you've ever met me, you'll know I'm something of a gadget whore. It's probably a pretty good thing that I realize I have to sort of stick with in my budget (moreso now that my daughter starts school tomorrow), but otherwise I'd have way more gadgets than I do. And I have a shit ton.I'm typing this on my iPad mini. For which I search and searched for the perfect keyboard. The ClamCase Pro is about the closest to an all-in-one case/keyboard solution that I've found (After going through 3 or 4 different devices before settling on that one). But as of Saturday night, my mini is back in my brown leather-ish case and I'm typing on the Logitech K760. It's bluetooth and solar powered. The keys are full size but the keyboard is about the same footprint as my macbook or an apple keyboard (with no number pad). And there are three different bluetooth profiles that can be stored on it.Which is important as it's also the keyboard I use for my little $…

Late Night Debut

Did I ever tell you about the time I was on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show?

It was kinda crazy how it started. One week I was watching the show and I had a thought, "what would happen if Jimmy Fallon had just normal everyday people on the show? Not stars, just average people."

I took that a step further. I wrote a letter. Not an email. But an actual letter. Mailed it off to NBC.  I didn't expect that anyone would read it. I figured there was someone hired specifically just to filter out the bullshit letters like mine.  And yet, I got a call about a week and a half later. Don't recall the name. It really happened so fast. Travel was booked. I was able to take a couple of days off work.

And there I was. In the green room.  It's really all kind of a blur.

Thing is. I can remember every single detail. The deli cuts and croissants in the green room. The Pellegrino. The bowl of skittles. The smell of a room that was recently cleaned, but no amount of Fabreeze ca…

Twistedly Scripted

Sometimes (and that time is usually when I'm home alone....which is almost always when I'm home), I wonder about this world...this existence...this life.

And I I'm wondering this weird shit (that always seems to be just below the surface) I'm the only one that wonders these things or just the only one that says it aloud?  And by aloud I mean on this blog (or sometimes in my journal).

Oh. The weird shit?

Right. So...sometimes I look around. As I move around. And see bits and baubles of my life. And I think that this is all familiar, but not because it's mine, but because it's scripted to be familiar. Like sometimes I'm playing a role.  I'm in some kind of movie. Or book. And there's this character. This Todd that is in the story. And he's the one going through this life. But he's me. So I guess I'm him. And then I think...if stories are actually reflections of other I in one of those playing the role of Tod…

The Pen Is Mightier

Not one to mince words...I have this...well, let's just call it a mild obsession.  It's a quest to find the 'perfect' things.  These probably aren't the normal things. The quest is for seemingly random things.  The perfect backpack (for travel)...the perfect backpack (for normal jaunting about)...the perfect messenger bag. And, since I got an iPad about 2 years ago (almost 3), I've been on the quest for the perfect stylus. I wanted to be able to use the iPad as a replacement to carrying notebooks and journals.

Now when I say 'perfect,' I mean of course, perfect for me. I can't begin to profess what would be perfect for someone else.

I did find the backpack I was seeking. The Everki Titan is pretty much the best backpack I've found for when I need to travel for work. There are enough pouches and spots for just about everything I can think to bring on-site. It's a little too big for every day use, but fantastic for travel.

The messenger bag i…

Instantly Exposed

Back in March of 2014, I got a Fuji Instax 90 Neo Classic ( It's an instant camera in the Polaroid vein. The photos are 2"x3" and take a good 3-5minutes to become fully realized pictures (And they'll keep developing for the next 24hours or so as the colors set and become richer).

I got it for 2 simple reasons (maybe 7). The first is that I'm a gadget whore. I love new toys. And I've wanted a retro-style camera for a while. I've wanted to go back to shooting film, but have neither the darkroom nor funds to set up for 35mm processing.  I found out that the retailer I work for carries the film for this camera and that I got a pretty good employee price on it.

The other reason I got it is because I was going to spend a weekend up at Put In Bay and I didn't want to take my $2000 kit with me because, well-let's face it-I was going up there to party. Alcohol and gear I can't afford to replace equals a bad combo.   And I …