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The Pen Is Mightier

Not one to mince words...I have this...well, let's just call it a mild obsession.  It's a quest to find the 'perfect' things.  These probably aren't the normal things. The quest is for seemingly random things.  The perfect backpack (for travel)...the perfect backpack (for normal jaunting about)...the perfect messenger bag. And, since I got an iPad about 2 years ago (almost 3), I've been on the quest for the perfect stylus. I wanted to be able to use the iPad as a replacement to carrying notebooks and journals.

Now when I say 'perfect,' I mean of course, perfect for me. I can't begin to profess what would be perfect for someone else.

I did find the backpack I was seeking. The Everki Titan is pretty much the best backpack I've found for when I need to travel for work. There are enough pouches and spots for just about everything I can think to bring on-site. It's a little too big for every day use, but fantastic for travel.

The messenger bag is still a sticky wicket. For messenger bags, I love the STM line. I have been using the Velo2. It's got a great design, but it's just a little too small, but still a very good bag. I have one that I think is pretty close, but time will tell (so far it's working out good). I just picked up the Quantum. Also from STM. It's actually got some features that I like better than the Velo 2. It might, in fact, be the new go-to messenger bag. Still too soon to tell.

The stylus is the harder part. I love writing. The feel of the pen on paper. There's a certain resistance and responsiveness that is hard to replicate on a glass screen.  So far I have tried about 10 different styli and have settled on my top three.

The first two are made by Just-Mobile. The top is the AluPen. It has the perfect weight. It has a thick tip, but is actually quite responsive.  

The second is the Digital version of the Alupen. It also has a good weight. Feels like a solid pen. And it's responsive. Almost TOO responsive (but not quite). 

The third, and the one that I find is really the go-to, is made by Adonit. It's the Flip. I also have the Adonit Pro. The only difference between the two is the Flip has an actual pen on one side.   The thing that makes the Pro and Flip strange is the disk. But it's also what gives it the best resistance. Of the three, it feels the most like pen on paper. And no matter what I try, I continue to go back to the Adonit and the AluPen (the non-digital one).

The key for me, with continuing to go back to the Adonit is the fact that I don't have to alter how I really write with a pen. It feels like a pen. It writes like a pen. With the other stylii I've used, I've had to adjust how I write on the tablet. And to me, that just sucks.  

Coupled with the NoteShelf app for the iPad, it's about the perfect combo and almost the ideal replacement for paper notebooks.

Of course, it helps with my 'quest' for perfect gadgets, that I work for a retailer that happens to give a great employee discount and happens to carry the gadgets I seek. Win-win.

To be fair, though, I doubt that I'll move completely away from paper. There are some things that still need to be committed to paper. There's just something about the paper journals that I won't really ever move away from. 

And this concludes a random, geeky gadget post.  

Have a fantastic rest of your evening my friends.



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