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Karma V. Perspective

Today did not go how I planned. A fact that a vague-book post on my facebooking page alluded to. I assume since most of the traffic to this blog comes from my friends on Facebook, that you might have seen that post.

So. Let me break down how the weekend was supposed to go down.

Friday Night--Bowling. I was gonna have at least one Turkey and possibly my first clean game.

Saturday--My bi-weekly Dungeons&Dragons day with friends. Was planning to get up at 7 to start the crock pot beans and franks for game day.

Sunday--pretty wide open (likely spent puttering around the spare room in the iTapt and working on laundry and getting ready for the week ahead).

Here's how it has gone down so far:

Friday Night--Bowling. Didn't get my turkey or clean game, but made a good run at both. Had fun. DID get an on-call call from work before bowling. And one again at 10:30 PM.

Saturday--On-call call at 2AM. Things had gone a little sideways at work. But still OK.  On-call call at 4AM. Things had go…

Felt Like A Friday

I think a chapter in my memoirs (exposé?) will be titled "Felt Like A Friday." It's something that happens enough in my life that I think I need to give some credence to it in the story of me. Or something like that.

If you found that thing and still made your way back here today, bravo. And thank you.  I'm not really sure what that was. Oh..yeah..I mean other than a little piss and moan about being in pain. Which...still seems to be the norm. I never understood what a bitch chronic pain could actually be.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. Somewhere between a 1 and 2 on the pain scale, which is to say, after recent months felt like a 0 on the scale. By the time I was 3/4 of the way to work, though, it was back to the standard 3-4 that has been the norm.

But I can't describe what it was like to not feel that. Even for a couple of hours. If I was a betting man, I'd say it's a sign from the Universe that I need to somehow, someway move ahead with t…

Lucky You

You stumbled upon a 'hidden' post. Lucky you.
By hidden I mean that I've no intentions of posting a link about it on Facebook or any other social media site. I figure I'll do these from time to time. I suspect the posts will be slightly more self-indulgent. Again-lucky you.

Today I'm reminding of simple corporeal things that we often take for granted. I speak of course of the two most simple acts one can do with a neck: Tilting one's head back and tucking one's chin to their chest.

I can barely remember the day when I could do both of those without even thinking twice.  With no pain whatever.

Actually...that's a lie. I can't remember doing either of those things whilst not in pain. Because they are so fucking off the radar of things to be thankful for. Thankful I can do an exaggerated nod? Fuck that. I'm thankful I can breathe. Thankful I can make love to a woman.

Certain things you take for granted...things that aren't even on the radar...b…

The Talk On a Cereal Box

I had a couple posts on Facebook recently that I thought might spark more discussion than they did. So...I figured I'd just throw some of them out here and let some of the random meanderings in my brain bucket take over.

Do not count the souls as lost who do not share your beliefs.
The lost souls are those who have no belief at all.

I'm certain I've heard some variation of the above quote before. In fact it's really a play on the whole concept of the Believer in Serenity sent to hunt River and Simon Tam.  We'll come back to that. I just put it there so I wouldn't forget about it.

Do you believe in God, Todd?

I have been asked this question many different ways in my life. My answer has remained basically the same.  At first it was 'Yes.' But to be honest, that never really sat well with me. I later changed it to 'Yes, but not in the same way you do.' And that one never really sat well with the people asking the question, if I'm being honest.  I …


I'm approaching one of those 'this is a life changing moment' moments. I never used to be able to figure them out. When they've happened in the past, I usually figured it out by looking around with ' THAT'S what the hell happened...' kind of epiphany.  
Now I've learned to sense when they are coming. Not quite like the dog that starts to freak out before the storm. Skies perfectly calm.  No reason at all for the dog to be freaking. But the dog knows. 
The dog always knows.
That might be the best book title I've come up with yet, "The Dog Always Knows."  I'm gonna revel in it for a few days before I bring myself to look on Amazon and find out that it's probably some self-help book that's been around since the late 60's. 
It's the drift. That's how I know. I mean...I see things in my life that are the moorings, yet I feel adrift. It's as though I'm standing on the beach. If I turn away from the water, I…

A Necessary Evil

It's no secret by now that I have no real love of the book of face.  I have killed a profile for almost a year and let other iterations of my profile go dark for months at a time.

Sorry about that. Had to go cut my finger nails. Where was I ?

Oh yes. Social Media. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as social media. Posting Refrigerator Magnets (quotes and what not on an image file), posting click-bait links, and a 'news' feed filled with commercials is ridiculous.

I can remember when Facebook first allowed ads. They were over on the side. You didn't have to click on them if you didn't want to.

And people posted actual links to things they found on the interwebs. Or actually re-typed in quotes that were meaningful to them. Not pre-fab images from FeelGoods-R-Us.

But that wasn't fast-paced enough. We needed Facebook on our phones. Companies got on board. They figured out that WWW.BUYMYSHIT.COM on their commercials wasn't good enough. We needed to kn…

Bad Irish Pun Nothwithstanding's St. Paddy's Day today (trust me, I looked it up here, you Patty fans).

Being a good Irish boy, I'm wearing my green. And yeah...the way the day has gone, I'm ready for a nice stiff pint by the time I clock out this afternoon.

I was going to put something in the title of this post along the lines of 'Erin Go Bra-less' or something like that. But then I realized....I know a few too many Erins for that and the last thing I need is them thinking I'm some weird booby-obsessed dude in green. I mean, I might be...but they don't have to think that for heaven's sake.

Anyway. Yeah. So...I'm trying something. Facebook is getting stupidly saturated again.  The gnomes that control the News Feed are high I think. The feed is full of religion  (don't care)...politics (don't care) recipes (mostly don't care) (don't care)....and the worst. A combination of all three: sensationalist click-bait links (OMG--You will NOT BE…

Atypical Geek, Not a typical Geek

So...I'm not quite normal about a lot of things. And some things I'm ridiculously normal about (I mean, everyone puts pickles on pizza, right? You don't?!? should).

Thing is...I'm what some might call a geek. Not a nerd. They are similar (but I think that geeks tend to be a bit more social and not really all about can geek out about damn near anything).

But I digress. you may have gathered if you've gone far enough back on this blog (and..yes. I know. I'm sorry too)....but I tend to like (not necessarily in this order):

Gadgets that I may or may not actually needGuitarsBags (messenger/backpack)Cases for gadgets (that I may or may not actually need)Styluses (styli?) for tabletspickles and hot sauce (but not necessarily together all the time)Vinyl LP's (they're what MP3's used to come on before the cloud) Sometimes this bites me in the ass. Not often enough to make sitting uncomfortable, but yanno. 
The Amazon Fire TV…

We Didn't Start The Fire

Combine tax return with my love of shiny things and throw a dash of Apple lowering AppleTV to $69, and you have a tasty little recipe for me re-evaluating my streaming media hub.

When I first moved in to the iTapt, I had cable TV. I had it for all of about a week before I cancelled it. I switched to Netflix and Hulu Plus.  And I never looked back.  Last Spring I got Amazon Prime. Along with it came a crapton of music and videos and what not. Along with the amazing shipping.  I pull from the service's audio repository more than their visual stores.

All of this led me to think that I needed to replace my Western Digital Live TV streaming content mega-hub.

So I did. In favor of the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

And it's bugging the shit out of me. If I wanted to go apples to apples on the replacement, I would have gone with the $99 FireTV (not the mini version which is the 'Stick').

I was geeked to have finally have a good delivery method for PrimeVideo on my TV. But the interfa…

Take A Load Off Fanny

I realize if you happen to be reading this from the UK, that the title may be a bit vulgar. Suffice to say that the title refers to a a lyric of a song. NOT to what "fanny" normally means in your vernacular.

Speaking of the weight.

It feels like it's somewhat lifted.  In regards to this whole neck/bulging disk/arthritis/bone spurs thing.   I made the call yesterday to the surgeon's office to find out what the next steps were. Basically acknowledging to myself that no, I cannot 'manage the pain.' It would seem that when you get to a certain point, 'managing' isn't really an option. And I was fooling myself to think I could.  But that's OK. I'm moving to the next step.

I'm not going to lie...I'm not thrilled about surgery. I don't have fond memories of any of the surgeries I've had. I'm scared. Maybe it's silly. Maybe to these guys it's as common as clipping their toenails. But it's my fucking spine.…

Huh. Headroom Afterall

So a few years back I got a Toyota Camry. 1996 USA Edition. It's a great car. Had a bunch of upgrades my current car didn't. Including lumbar adjustments in the driver seat.

There was one minor annoyance--the headroom is a little tight. I always assumed it was because of the sun/moon roof.  Today as I was heading to work, I decided to adjust the lumbar support...trying to get a little relief for the neck shit I'm going through.

And I found out something amazing.  The seat lowers.


Only took 3 1/2 years to figure this out.

The ride in to work this morning was completely different. I felt like I was in a car I actually fit in to. It was amazing.

It's the little things sometimes.

I'm learning to appreciate to the little things.  I think that's the one thing this chronic back pain has taught me. Appreciate the moments. The little things.

I know I'm not laughing as much as I was before all of this. I know that the 'I was on…


I'm sure I've used that title for a blog post before. Or at least one that conveys the same sentiment.
I would have started this about 5 minutes ago, but I couldn't type. That is to say, I can  type, but if my fingernails are any kind of length at all, playing guitar or typing annoys the shit out of me.

That's not why I haven't been writing (although, I might have to use it at some point). When I got some dental work done last year, the days of nail biting ended. It was too easy to pop off a veneer whilst trying to trim my nails via mastication. Problem is, I never really paid attention when I was biting my nails, so there was never really a good sense of 'if I don't chew my nails for a week, will I need to suddenly chow down because they're too long to do anything?' No. It was more along the lines nails are always my teeth mostly, but trimmed nonetheless.

Yes. I know it's gross. And I know that I spent more time going over t…

Custodial Impasse

I've been sitting on this one for a while. It's been stewing in my brain bucket as it were for quite a while.

I decided it was time to finally shit or'll see.

I suppose this won't really do anything to alleviate the whole potty mouth rep I may or may not have on this blog.
Before I get in to it, there's one thing I have to say. This is not a stock photo. This is a bathroom I use many times a week. And I have to say-there is no good way to take a photo in a bathroom and by that I mean...if someone walks in, there is no good way to play off the fact that you were taking a photo in a bathroom. It's sketchy at best. 
That being said, I'd like to call your attention to the mats under the urinals. I'm saving time by calling your attention to that before you get hung up on the fact that the urinals don't match. There are 5 separate toilets in this bathroom, not a single one of them matches another. I have no idea what that's all about. B…

Gloss Be Poppin'

I saw this today on my way to work. I had to stop and fill my tank. I looked down and saw the tube of lip gloss at the base of the pump.

It was late. I imagined at first that she had just got off work. But that seemed too easy. She had been home. Had been ready for bed. A call...or rather a text from her booty call...her lover had stirred her from the red wine and salad induced stupor.

She changed out of her comfy pants in to the jeans that were almost too tight. Not that her lover would notice. There is no fashion statement when clothes are thrown in a hurried heap at the foot of the bed.

Snow had not quite covered the wind shield. As she put the key in to the ignition, the dashboard sprang to life in a cacophony of nearly useless lights and indicators. Save one--the low fuel warning. She had seen it leaving work today but had settled on the fact that she would fill it on the way to work tomorrow.

As welcome as the midnight rendezvous is, it's equally as annoying to think of run…

11 Days of Safety

I would like to

well....I'm not sure what I would like to do, to be honest. In the time since I started this post (over an hour ago) I have

clipped my fingernails (because if they're too long, I can't type nor play guitar)dialed in to work to finish something that I forgot I had to do got ready for bed and nearly went to bed (because I also have to be up in 5 hours to do another thing for work) So...I'm not really even sure what the opening line of this post was even supposed to be. The title references something about 11 days (which is 12 by now based on the relative position of the earth to the sun) so I'm guessing it was some sort of witty or heartfelt apology for not having written anything in 11 days (which is 12 by now based on the relative position of the earth to the sun).
And so there's that.  In that time I have avoided various dog shit land mines left by my neighbor's dogs (a.k.a. yapping shitmonsters).  I have filed my taxes AND received the retu…