11 Days of Safety

I would like to

well....I'm not sure what I would like to do, to be honest. In the time since I started this post (over an hour ago) I have

  • clipped my fingernails (because if they're too long, I can't type nor play guitar)
  • dialed in to work to finish something that I forgot I had to do 
  • got ready for bed and nearly went to bed (because I also have to be up in 5 hours to do another thing for work)
So...I'm not really even sure what the opening line of this post was even supposed to be. The title references something about 11 days (which is 12 by now based on the relative position of the earth to the sun) so I'm guessing it was some sort of witty or heartfelt apology for not having written anything in 11 days (which is 12 by now based on the relative position of the earth to the sun).

And so there's that.  In that time I have avoided various dog shit land mines left by my neighbor's dogs (a.k.a. yapping shitmonsters).  I have filed my taxes AND received the return. And I've spent about 1/2 of the return already.  Because...well...I need shiny things sometimes.

The shiny thing du jour is this Toshiba Chromebook 2 (CB35-B3330). It was about what I wanted to spend for a Chromebook (between $200-$300) and has really good reviews. And because it has speakers that have been 'tuned by SkullCandy,' it came with a cool Skullcandy skull sticker. Which is now on the lid. And to be fair...the speakers sound better than they have a right to on a $249 laptop.

I have a 'public' reason for getting this. I see myself doing a lot of patio writing this spring/summer (and or writing wherever I may park my posterior for a while and write/people watch). So...the press-release reason is that I want a device that I'm not quite as emotionally invested in. If something happened to the MacBook or iPad, I would pretty much be crushed. I'd survive, but I'd be unhappy.

Most everything on the Chromebook is sync'd to the cloud (YES, Virginia, they are viable machines if you use them offline)--so at most I would lose whatever I had written for that session (assuming I wasn't connected to a wi-fi hotspot).

Seriously, the speakers on this thing sound fucking amazing. It's like the whole keyboard is the actual speaker system. Crazy.

Oh..and the Winbook tablet would DEFINITELY be in the too cheap to care category, but the resolution on the screen is such that typing for long periods (even with the blue tooth keyboard) just isn't a viable option. So...it's really falling in to its role as a media player for sure.

So..that's the story I'm telling people. But the real reason is...I wanted it. Plain and simple. I wanted a Chromebook. I was pretty much set on the Samsung. But for $150 less...this Toshiba was kicking ass and taking names in all of the reviews.  So...here we are. I'm on it. I'm typing this post. And it feels like a very solid machine.  I have to say I'm pretty pumped.

I read something from a writer that I follow on the interwebs and he said that he starts all his first drafts on a Chromebook and then works through subsequent edits in Scrivener (which I have on the MacBook).  I definitely see that being a working model. Especially given the fact that previous 'books' I wrote were done on a old ass PowerBook using the equivalent of MS Word 5.0 for Dos (whatever the Mac equivalent at the time was).

OK. That was a lie. It's not really a writer I follow. It's an article I found when I was researching how viable the Chromebook was as a tool for writing, given the fact that I could be offline for a large portion of the time (like when I go down to the Farm).

Language is a funny thing sometimes.  "A writer I follow..." vs. "Something I read from someone I had never read up to that point." One of those statements is likely to add weight and credibility to the argument. And the other one is the truth.

Alright. First post on the Chromebook is in the books. I have more to say, but the need for sleep is winning.

I'll write more at lunch tomorrow.

Peace out my friends,


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