Custodial Impasse

I've been sitting on this one for a while. It's been stewing in my brain bucket as it were for quite a while.

I decided it was time to finally shit or ....well...you'll see.

I suppose this won't really do anything to alleviate the whole potty mouth rep I may or may not have on this blog.

Before I get in to it, there's one thing I have to say. This is not a stock photo. This is a bathroom I use many times a week. And I have to say-there is no good way to take a photo in a bathroom and by that I mean...if someone walks in, there is no good way to play off the fact that you were taking a photo in a bathroom. It's sketchy at best. 

That being said, I'd like to call your attention to the mats under the urinals. I'm saving time by calling your attention to that before you get hung up on the fact that the urinals don't match. There are 5 separate toilets in this bathroom, not a single one of them matches another. I have no idea what that's all about. But I digress.

The mats. Under the urinals.  

The one on the right is in the configuration that I find nearly every day.  The mat on the left is how I turn them. Nearly every day.

The men's bathrooms are cleaned by a woman. That's fact. Not some bullshit segue in to a sexist commentary. There is a woman that cleans our restroom every evening. I'm quite sure that she's the one undoing my work. 

Clearly she has never stood at a urinal to relieve herself. If she had, she would not turn the mats. The purpose of the mats is so that your feet do not get in the piss that invariably collects under a urinal. The being said, my configuration allows for maximum area of feet not stepping on wayward piss. Hers does not. 

heh. I got nothing. Seriously. This was a post about piss mats.

Clearly there are some more cobwebs that need to be cleaned out up there.

Have a good evening my friends!

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