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Karma V. Perspective

Today did not go how I planned. A fact that a vague-book post on my facebooking page alluded to. I assume since most of the traffic to this blog comes from my friends on Facebook, that you might have seen that post.

So. Let me break down how the weekend was supposed to go down.

Friday Night--Bowling. I was gonna have at least one Turkey and possibly my first clean game.

Saturday--My bi-weekly Dungeons&Dragons day with friends. Was planning to get up at 7 to start the crock pot beans and franks for game day.

Sunday--pretty wide open (likely spent puttering around the spare room in the iTapt and working on laundry and getting ready for the week ahead).

Here's how it has gone down so far:

Friday Night--Bowling. Didn't get my turkey or clean game, but made a good run at both. Had fun. DID get an on-call call from work before bowling. And one again at 10:30 PM.

Saturday--On-call call at 2AM. Things had gone a little sideways at work. But still OK.  On-call call at 4AM. Things had gone quite a bit more sideways. No longer OK. Was in my car heading in to the office by 4:15AM. Stayed at work until 3:30PM.  Got things sorted. Made sure my team was in a good place and that there were no pressing fires. Came home. Took a nap. Woke up about an hour ago.

Sunday-- ??  Unknown at this point.

That being said...yeah. The weekend definitely took a very sideways turn. Am I happy that I didn't take advantage of us finishing bowling early to go out and really tie one on? You bet your ass I am. And to be honest...the only thing that kept me from doing so was knowing that I had to get up this morning and start my crock pot beans and franks for gaming day.  Fortuitous indeed.

At first I was thinking that this would be a post about how you don't necessarily have to be a dick for Karma kick in.  And I don't think you do. It's funny to me that people see Karma as an avenger of wrongs. You fucked with me, that's OK, Karma will take care of it.   But I think that those people are actually missing the big picture. Karma is the tool, not the wielder of the tool.

I believe that the Universe seeks balance. I haven't quite reconciled this with the whole nature abhorring a vacuum thing, yet, but I'm working on it. That being said, I don't think Karma is the force behind the balancing. I think it's the tool.

And at first I was like...'Well..that's just Karma, isn't it? I talk about how great of a weekend I have planned and it goes tits up. That's what I get for thinking things are going so great.'

Boo fucking hoo. What a shitty outlook that would have been if I had actually believed it. For a second and only a second, I did.

And then I got to thinking that karma isn't necessarily a tool used for when people brag or boast. And then I got to thinking. I don't really know what the fuck karma is. I know what we think it is--a way that life gets even with people who have fucked us over so we don't have to. And a way that life rewards us when we do good for others. Or punishes us when we are the ones who fuck someone over.

(pause for Wikipedia search)

OK. That's some deep shit. At it's root, though, karma literally means "to do, make, perform, accomplish, cause, effect, prepare, undertake"

So...very rooted in the intentional/causal cycle. If that were the case, though, then me posting that I was excited about the weekend ahead should not have 'caused' it to go sideways.

Clearly then, the issue was not really one of karma per se but more of perspective.

Is it naive to look at a situation that may be shitty and spin it in such away that there is a massive positive outcome? No. Not naive. Vital. Vital for a happy life.

So. At a glance. Night operations went tits up. Communications with a third party vendor died last night. Got a team member covering a vacation for another member of my team and it's a shift he's not used to. His backup is unable to come in and help because they have transportation issues. A third rep who is to cover Saturday (a 12 hr shift) has been up most of Friday night helping due to how sideways things have gone.

I have what is in my mind a perfect Saturday on deck. It starts going tits-up about 2 AM and continues to do so.

I can bitch about it. I can be upset by it. By the fact that my plans are 'completely ruined.' But that's just silly when I look at it. Yeah. Plans got shifted. Things I had looked forward to were not going to happen.

But when I walked in the office at 4:45 this morning and saw the look of relief on my guy's face, I know that it was the right thing to do.

We got things settled. Back on track. There were some delays in processing, but nothing that was unrecoverable. The worst part of the day for me was being on a 6 hour conference call with a third-party vendor to get service restored for one of our applications.

Here's the perspective side of it.  My company employs nearly 3,000 people across the country. We have 25 stores. Each store has probably a hundred or more employees and runs at a pretty full roster on the weekends.

Certain things have to be done over night. Every night in order to make sure that our stores can open. That those people working in the stores can do their jobs. That we as a company can provide an exceptional customer experience.

I take that seriously. I take it to heart. I take the fact that everything I do, that my team does, ultimately translate to that shopper in one of our stores having the best experience in a retailer/computer-electronics store that they could possibly have.

And thanks to about 12 people (not just me) this weekend, who also had their nights and days fucked up because of the issues, we were able to make sure that happened.   Sure, things were a little bumpy at the stores at opening, but it should have been fairly transparent to the customer.

The point being...did karma fuck me over? Or was I exactly where I needed to be today? Making sure that shit didn't hit the fan for ALL of our stores?

As I said, I don't think it's necessarily naive or childish to look at what some would see as a really shitty situation and find a positive thread. To be honest, it's a vital habit for a content and happy life. This shit going on with my neck has dulled my skills in that arena. Finding the positive thread for me takes a little bit longer these days, but I can find it when I look.

That's the rub isn't it? You have to want to look for the positive. Very rarely do things get handed to us. Sometimes we have to dig deeper to see the beauty and treasure of what has been given to us.

Does Karma shape perspective or does perspective shape Karma?



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