Apple vs. Android

I'm going to start this post by saying quite simply: I don't care.

A friend of mine posted on the bookfacer about issues she was having with her phone. It looks as though she may have inadvertently started a Apple vs. Android debate. I chimed in with my 2 cents. I told her that I went to iPhone 3 years ago and haven't looked back.

I'm not an Apple lover. I'm not an Android Hater. I'm not firmly ensconced in any OS's camp. I was brought up on DOS, but also used AppleII at school. I had a Commodore Vic20 but also used the crap out of my friend's Tandy. I had a PowerBook about 15 years ago until a friend dropped it rendering it useless. And I have had Windows PC's and laptops up until 2 years ago when I loaded Windows 8 on my Samsung i7 laptop and hated the user experience.

It's all about the user experience.

And the price.

Being artistic, growing up I bought in to the marketing hype that Apples were for creatives and IBMs were for business. So I always wanted an Apple...later Mac.  Funny thing is, I found quite a few ways to be creative on the PC side of things. So I discovered that the marketing was simply that--marketing.  The cost of entry made it so that I was firmly anchored on the  DOS/Windows platform for most of my life.

The 2 things that are important for me in technology are cost of entry and user experience. Generally I can forgive a somewhat shitty user experience for a good cost of entry. Case in point Windows vs. Mac. Macintosh computers have a superior user experience in my opinion. But they also have a 3 to 1 ratio of cost of entry vs. their PC counterparts. So for the most part I could forgive Windows UI. Until Windows 8. That OS annoyed the shit out of me. So much so that I wound up buying a used MacBook from a co-worker for $300. It had 1/4th the specs of my Samsung laptop but was instantly more usable to me. I restored the Samsung to factory and gave it to my Dad. I haven't looked back.

That brings me to the phones. I had been an Android user for years on the phone front. The first week at my new job 3 years ago and my phone dies. It locks up hard. There is no reset to factory, there is nothing that can be done. It's bricked.   I take it in to Verizon and after 8 minutes of doing the same things I did to try to bring it back (which I told them I had done), they reached the same conclusion. It was dead.

I told them that I needed their least expensive Smart Phone. I didn't care what kind it was. I wasn't sold on platform at that point. It was an economic decision. I needed to make and receive phone calls and texts and I needed to be able to retrieve work email.

They started out on a $150 Android phone. I asked again if that was their cheapest Smart phone. They said that it was the cheapest Android. I asked again if it was their cheapest smart phone. Well...no...we have an 8GB Apple iPhone 4 for $99. Great. Wrap it up.

So...a $50 price difference is what got me on iPhone.   A year later when I had the chance to buy the MacBook, I did. And I am on my 2nd iPad. I had an iPod but sold it this past Christmas. To say I'm embedded in the Apple infrastructure is a fair statement.   But...I'm not a zealot or a hater. Now that I'm on iPhone, it's easier to stay on. So I do.

I use a Windows PC at work. I connect to Windows and Unix servers as a daily part of my job.
I have a Windows 8.1 tablet that I bought this past Christmas (for cost of entry reasons).
And I just recently picked up a Toshiba Chromebook2 running the Chrome OS.

Obviously, I'm not a platform evangelist by any means. I look at hell well something is going to work and fit my needs and base my decision on that. I don't care which platform it runs on.

Apple vs. Android? I don't really care. Go with what works best for you.

Have a great Sunday my friends!

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