Huh, Writers Are People, Too

I'm going to start this post with something I never do. Which is to say, something I'm sure I've done in a past post, but have completely forgotten by this point and am quite entirely too lazy to go back and look through past posts and check.

Dear Universe,
I got it. Seriously. Finding out that my neighbor has been published should have been an indicator that yes, real people do, in fact get published, too. It might have been heavy handed to have me show up to an engagement party and have me interact and meet with a friend of theirs who is also a published author.

No...for real (check it out here). And to top it off...he does the whole first initial middle name thing. As if that wasn't really the third piece of 'ok I fucking get it' that I needed, not sure what was.

And here's the funny part. I write. It's in my blood. I talk about it more than I should, I'm sure. And this particular friend of the two friends that were having the cookout, was never on the radar.

There's a better way to say that.

Steve and Sarah may or may not know I write. But they DO know that they are friends with a writer. One who has published books 'n' shit.  And somehow that never came up. Until today.

So. Yes. Universe-I fucking get it.

Great, Todd. Can you let the rest of us in on what the universe told you?

I certainly could do that. I'm not going to, though. Bit of a tease, I know.  Sometimes it be that way.

So..here's why today really rocked.

I have an instant camera (Fuji Instax Mini90 NeoClassic). I love the thing. The photos come out right there and spark an instant feeling of nostalgia. Each shot is unique, and if you fuck it up, you take another shot. There is no delete, tweaking any settings pre-shot, nor any editing or 'fixing things in post,' as it were.

All of those reasons make it brilliant to me. I'm not ready to sell my D300 just yet, but I do love the Instax. Sarah and Steve have seen it. They were with me when I took it to Put In Bay. So, they thought nothing of me bringing it today and taking pix. They thought nothing of me having the camera bag around my shoulder for most of they day.

I got there close to when they said it all was set to start (about thirty minutes after, actually) and met people (the author whom I did not know to be an author at the the time, included). I took pix.

When Sarah and Steve were out of ear shot, I let the other guests in on the plan. I had brought with me old business cards of mine to recycle. On the backs of the cards, I wanted them to write messages to Sarah and Steve. I'd pair those up with the photo album I had pre-decorated and in my bag.

It took 6 hours to fill the album with cards and shots. And I think I managed to get most of who was there today captured.

It was amazing. It felt good to give it to them. It was unique, to be sure.

And to top that feeling of, add the feeling of meeting a published author that was down to earth and cool as fuck.   Do this and you will understand the awesomeness of the day I had.

So, yes, universe, I do get it. You are putting people in my life to make the reality more real for me. A friend who edits manuscripts. At least two published authors. My own parents had a print company and my dad said he would fund my first printing for fucks sake.

Jeebus, Skaggs! What the fuck is the hold up?!?!

That is a good question. Actually that is a GREAT question.

My speedbump is, to a degree, the same thing that slows all people down. Fear. Fear of the unknown. A modicum of fear of failure. Although, I have to say that reading Dorthea Brande has been amazing with that. She has a way of cutting through the bullshit and the mental nay-saying sabotagee that I am finding to be quite useful.

That aspect of today can easily be summed up in the following passage.

Right place, Right time, and more importantly--right people.

I love it when a plan comes together.


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