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Fighting the Urge

I fucking hate people sometimes.
I know...not very enlightened of me. And it's not the actual person I hate, per se. It's really the behavior of the person. I know some of the people that annoy me don't really mean to. They aren't bad people. They normally aren't complete fucktards of epic proportions.

They just do stupid shit without thinking of anyone but themselves.

And PLEASE don't misunderstand this post (rant?)...I am fully aware that I (more often than not) have fallen in to that very same category for somebody else.

Sometimes people think they're being funny. Or cute. Or genuinely helpful. Even when they're not.

I know that I've fallen in to most of those categories. But I've also fallen in to the "I'm going to be a sarcastic douche just to fuck with people" category as well.

The problem is, these days, how can you tell which is which?

I don't know that you can. I think our lifestyle, our culture, has made sarcasm and snark a nice second skin for most people. It's like the Emporer's New Clothes. Some of us can see that it's not really all that, but nobody wants to call anybody else on it for fear that their own bullshit get called out in to the light of day.

I sat for three days on a post about Clickbait ads which pose as articles on Facebook. Followed by a nice little rant about motorcycle drivers. And then planned to close it with a little piece on nirvana (the state of bliss, not the band). But to be honest...the clickbait thing will always be there. I don't see that going away any time soon.  And the motorcycle rant will likely always be there as long as there are stupid people doing stupid things on them (no, it's not a blanket statement to all motorcyclists, just the stupid ones). And to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what the nirvana piece of the puzzle was. So...let's consider that one tabled for now.

So back to the self-centered d-bags (did I mention I was including myself in this category? Good).

I don't know where I was going with this, other than to say I think we, as a culture, have become quite complacent in our willingness to start shit, troll, tear people down and then when someone calls us on our bullshit, we say  that we were only kidding.

You know what? Fuck it. I can't even pretend to be upset or astonished by that any more. My 'Facebook is the Anti-Social Media' rhetoric falls flat as long as I still have a Facebook account and post links to my ramblings from there.

This post is actually worse than vaguebooking. Turns out I'm annoyed at one single comment on a post I made. And I'm as much annoyed by the comment as I am by my reaction. And the truth is, it just doesn't fucking matter.

I'm not going to bother to post the link to this. If you happen to find it-brava. If not, more's the better. It was really just clearing my head with shit that should have been written in my paper journal anyway.

Stay tuned next week for "The Amway Apology."

Until then, stay golden Pony Boy.



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