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Fourteen Days Later

Fourteen days ago I was going through one of the most hellishly anticipated days of my life. The day, as it turned out, was not so hellish. The anticipation was the hellish part. I had run through all sorts of nightmare scenarios in my head, not less than 4 of which left me with a little voice-box like those scare-tactic don't smoke lung cancer isn't the worst thing that can happen from smoking commercials.  Hey. I have an active imagination, what can I say?

So. That was the 29th of June. Here we are on July 13th and I'm bored out of my fucking mind. On the plus side, I caught up in my paper journal. and by 'caught up,' I mean I actually started writing in it again. I also caught up on the first 3 1/2 seasons of NCIS and finished Sense8 start to finish. Somewhere along the way I recall getting annoyed by the saturation of color on the NCIS early episodes. I remembered on the Star Wars DVD there was an audio and video calibration tool so I popped in The Empire Strikes Back to find that tool. I didn't find it, but watched Empire and was satisfied later that the saturation was an issue on the Netflix side and not an issue with my TV.

For the record, The Empire Strikes Back is still the best of the Star Wars movies. And no, it's not 'Episode V''s The Empire Strikes Back. Almost no true Star Wars geek of my generation will ever refer to the original three by their episodic designation.

And Han shot first.

Glad we cleared that up.

I go see the doctor tomorrow. The hope is that he will clear me to return to work. I'm going out of my gourd. I feel fine. I'm down to taking Tylenol to manage the pain, of which there really isn't any. It's not pain, as such. It's more like stiffness. Like that feeling that you want to tilt your head and crack your neck. I don't dare do that, of course, because my current worse nightmare is doing something ridiculously stupid that will undo everything that the good Dr. Sybert and crew did 2 weeks ago. And I'm not ready for that.

I have a nice healing incision in my neck that's going to grow up to be a pretty little scar someday very soon. It just so happens to be on the neckline of most t-shirts I own. So for the foreseeable future I'll be wearing v-necks and button down shirts to give it a little breathing room.

Which means, I'll need to get some of those. I suppose Polo shirts might work too. We'll play that one by ear.

I'm steeling myself now for the inevitable How was your vacation? Do anything fun?  Why yes. Yes I did. I checked myself in to a surgical hospital, but not for a full day (they charge by the hour, you know), and I let a team of surgeons play Operation with my neck. Fuck. I think the Doc took out the funny bone by mistake. Damn. I hope insurance covers that.

I know I'm going to get that question at least one time because I did not tell everyone I work with why I was going to be off for 3 weeks. And I'm sure my boss didn't either. I know most people mean well. But...truth is...

I was/am bored as fuck.

Seriously. I don't know why anyone would want to sit on their ass all day. It's mind numbing. And I can't do shit. The five pound weight limit pretty much sees to that. Hell, that barely lets me pee (HEYO!).

It was weird. I spent most of the day today reading The Martian by Andy Weir. It was a great book and I highly recommend it. The funny thing was, I found myself in a similar headspace at times throughout this recovery period. I live alone. So...when friends aren't stopping by to check up on me (or leave me art supplies, or books, or soup---thank you for all of that by the way)'s somewhat quiet. I have neighbors. I hear my neighbors. But that doesn't change the fact that there are times when I feel completely isolated here. Not in a bad way. Just in a 'I feel like I am living out a completely unique existence at this particular moment in time' kind of way.

Good news is FANTASTIC real-world experience for the book I'm working on right now (lead character stays in his apartment all the fucking time after experiencing tragedy in his life).  Not being able to drive anywhere pretty much put me in that state for several days these past two weeks (especially the days it was raining and I was unable to take my walk). So...from that perspective, I can definitely add more realism to the book.

So I guess this whole 'medically imposed mostly house arrest' thing wasn't too bad after all.

And I learned something else.

Canned soup has come a really long way since I last had it. I mixed a can of condensed Chicken Tortilla soup with a can of condensed Chicken Soup With Rice (which I swear is a kids song stuck in my head from forever ago... and we'll be eatin' chicken soup with ri-ice'...oh yes...eatin' chicken soup with rice


Hmm. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, it turned out to be a good combo. Defrosted some Na'an bread to dunk in the soup. Pretty hearty meal.

Did I mention I have a follow up appt with the doctor tomorrow? I did? Yeah. Hoping like balls he signs my release to go back to work. Or at the very least, drive. Elliot is sad. I see her out there every day looking at me all sad like, To-oddddd.....we need to go for a dri-ivve.  I know, Elliot, I know. Soon.

Yeah. I have climbed in a few times and started her up.

What? You wouldn't? Pshh. What'evs.

Alright. I'm about ready to pour out my water and call it a night.

I'll give you an update tomorrow after the doc appt.

Peace out


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