Multi-Speed Field Trips

So...if you read the previous post, you know this morning got off to a somewhat rocky start.  I did manage to fall back asleep eventually this morning, but in doing so courted a few more oddities in dream land.

They involved being in my gramps's basement. My mom and I were going upstairs. I was tired and needed to get in to bed. This was post-surgery because I was aware of needing to take some pain meds. Dad was asleep in some kind of 60's retro-future wave easy chair and was snoring to beat the band. I was walking past him as he startled himself awake, knocking me in to the door frame. My neck snapped in an odd angle that caused a twinge. Either I passed out or was outside my body as I watched Dad wake up and grab a book of what I assumed to be maps. He settled on a page that looked less like a map and more like a deep druid or possibly Celtic symbol with a post-it note indicating that it might be the basis of inspiration for his next tattoo. He left the book for my daughter to review (as she is supposed to be working on his next tattoo for him, artwork wise).

And from there I don't remember much more of the dream. I woke up from my nap on the love seat. I was still somewhat out of sorts, but went on with the rest of the day.

I'm still in that "maybe this doesn't exactly weigh five pounds" phase. A quick conversation with Mom this afternoon convinced me that it's more critical than ever that I take shit slowly. I'm going to need to get a roller laptop bag. Load my gear...then when I get to the car, unload it. put the bag in car, then load the gear back in the bag after I get to where I need to be. It's going to suck, but unless the doctor miraculously clears me to lift heavier weights next Tuesday, that's the plan. Fortunately I get a pretty good employee discount and I'm sure we have a couple different roller bags at work.

Mom also made an awesome delivery today of pizza and donut holes.

This evening I ventured out of the iTapt with a friend to the East side for some Adult Toy Bingo. I had a blast, but 2 1/2 hours sitting on a folding chair was some healthy insight in to the fact that I'm going to definitely have to move around more often when I get cleared to go back to work.

All in all it was a good day. There was some more pain than yesterday, but not nearly as much as prior to the surgery.

Not quite sure what tomorrow holds, but I'll face the day as it comes.


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