Post-Op Day 2

Day 0 is technically the day of your surgery. Like Ground Zero or D-Day or some shit like that. Anyway, that day was Monday. So, it's 2 days after my surgery. 48 hours. And I am now allowed to take a shower (which I'm supremely stoked for).  So I'm gonna go do that.


So...THAT was interesting. Showering without bending, twisting, or lifting overhead. Not quite as straightforward as it sounds, but I think I managed to get most of the important bits and baubles cleaned and managed to avert a minor crisis (well, mostly anyway). So the post-op instructions reference removing the dressing and letting the incision air out. And I had a minor moment of panic as I started to peel off what I later learned was the steri-strips over the sutures. I had only started to peel one of the three off...so..after talking to the surgeon to confirm that I should leave those the hell alone, I did. See? Crisis (mostly) averted.

Oh. And I'm sitting at my desk. Figure it's good practice if I want to get cleared back to go to work at my 2 week follow up (which I do).

The pain is really minimal at this point. There is still tightness in my back. And there was some numbness down my right arm/hand yesterday for a good chunk of the day, but other than that it just mostly feels a little tender at the incision site. I'm going to take one more dose of the percoset and then look at changing over to tylenol tomorrow.  All in all, I would say it's a pretty good recovery so far. There's a fine balance of needing to rest and needing to get up and stay active.

I definitely got lucky that we operated when we did.  I think that by getting it before there was any spinal column bruising or nerve damage, the recovery will be a bit smoother than I had thought at first. There is very little if any swelling at the incision site and I don't have to wear a collar or cone of shame, so that's a bonus.

Hopefully it's going to give me a chance to read..relax...write...recharge my batteries as it were.

Or I'm gonna go stir-crazy. One of the two.

We'll see how it plays out.

Happy hump day my friends!!


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