Randomness pt.972

Before we get too far in to the randomness...do me a favor.
If you like reading this blog (and I hope you do), do the following--it won't hurt, I promise.

On your keyboard (assuming you're reading this on a computer), hit the control key and D keys (CTRL +D). That should pop up a box on most browsers that will allow you to save the link to this blog.

Well...wait a minute...I guess I should ask first: do you come here via mobile device or...

You know what, it doesn't matter. I'll keep a link up to this blog as one of my final Facebook posts on my personal Facebook page.

Oh don't worry. I don't intend to do myself in or anything. Quite the contrary. I'm limiting my exposure to things that are fairly toxic. And for me, Facebook is becoming more toxic by the day.

I don't need it. It's the same old bullshit day in. I feel LESS connected to people than I did before. It's stupid. I see posts and realize I don't really know the people. Nor, with the way our societal ADD has become a pandemic, do I really care to. I don't want to invest the time to actually go to your wall and find out what really matters in your life. I'll just scroll down the 'News Feed' (as if any of that was News) and pretend to know what's going on in your life by clicking the 'like' button.

To be fair...I have made some friends that way that I may not have made otherwise. It has its place.

But I'm not sure that place is the same place I want to be at the moment.

I'm gonna feck off of Bookfacer for a while. I'll still be around. Just less. Maybe.

I need to work on getting healthy.

I need to spend more time on me and my dreams. And to be completely honest...if I've learned anything the past 3 weeks, it is that Facebook is running out of new shit. Seriously. One of my heavy pain recovery days, I swear I was scrolling for hours. And it was the same crap. Swipe after swipe. The same crap.

That's when it became apparent to me that it was the electronic version of junk mail. And the articles that people posted were 50% of the time links to bullshit click bait sites.

It just got old.

Now more than ever I'm convinced that Social Media is NOT Anti-Social Media as I once thought. There is a need to be connected...the loosest definition of social. But it is arrogant to assume that people give the tiniest crap about what I had for lunch or what particular bar I was making bad decisions in last Friday night.

I don't know how to explain it.

It just no longer feels right. It no longer fits.

So...I'm done for a while. Changing the channel. There may be pix coming through from Instagram on there (Another form of electronic narcissism).  But there will be very few other footprints if I can help it. I just can't get behind it anymore.

So...however you need to, please bookmark this page; the site is http://randomtzp.blogspot.com.

And with that, I bid you goodnight. Oh feel free to poke around. I've had this blog for 10 years or so. There's a lot to take in. Some of it's cool. Some of it's crap. But all of it's me.

Enjoy. Glad you could make it.

We need to catch up soon,


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