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Tech/Tonic Shift

I can't really believe it's been a whole week since I've written anything in this blog. I'm almost afraid to check my inbox. I don't want to wade through all the emails from the throngs of fans clamoring for my head and 'please, for the love of Todd....when are you going to write something--anything--again?!?!'

Fear not.

That moment is upon you. Or rather me. Because if you're reading this, then that means the moment of the writing has passed. Quite some time ago from the looks of it. Seriously?? I go to all this trouble and you can't even book mark my blog? It's ok... I get it.   Shhhh. No. Don't cry. We'll get past this.  All writer/reader couples go through this.  But gotta dial the threatening emails down, mmmmkay? Nobody can write under that kind of pressure.

So. Right. A week. That's not to say I haven't written in that time. I just haven't written here. I have been writing in my paper journal. You know...that ancient thing from forever ago. For some reason, the deepest thoughts go on paper. Or wind up as running monologues in some character I've stuck in a story or screenplay somewhere. But..yeah.



Don't makes me laugh too. I have 2 cell phones. 2 tablets. 2 personal laptops and now a laptop that work gave me. 1 mp3 device and...6...something like that. 6 cameras. Yeah. I think that's right.

So here's the funny part...I am getting to the point where when I come home from work, the last thing I want to do is dive in to the tech. For a while I had shiny thing syndrome. OK...perhaps I'm being a bit too liberal with the use of the word 'had.'

I like gadgets.

But I think I need to start simplifying my life. that end...if you're reading this and you're looking for a Mid-2009 MacBook (white) with a 256 Solid State Drive that has been updated to 4GB of RAM....let me know. I don't know that I need it or will use it much given that work hooked me up with a slightly newer (ok...6 months newer, but still WAY new to me) MacBook Pro. I don't plan on carrying it around everywhere and will be using it mostly for work. Which leaves the Chromebook as the laptop around town choice for writing on the go when I don't need to be able to get in to work. Right. That was a lot of babbling. All that to say, there's a MacBook available if someone is interested. Lemme know. Since most of my readers found me from facebook, you can message me there. OR leave a comment and we'll talk turkey. I'm thinking $350 for it, but let me know what you had in mind and we'll go from there.

Alrighty then...who needs a messenger bag? Got a few that I'll let go for cheap. Couple hold 15" laptops. And 2 are made for 13" laptops.

Whoa! Wait...this is NOT Toddtiques Roadshow.

Yeah no. Not so much. But I do feel that I am going to be simplifying my life in the near future. I need to do less of what society tells me is 'connected'....and spend more time in face to face interactions. This weekend was perfect proof of that.

I hit the All About Autism Car, Motorcycle and Truck Show that Make it Fit Foundation puts on every year (and I won a gift basket--woot woot)!! And it was cool to see a lot of friends I haven't seen in forever. It also kind of surprised me how many of them had been keeping up with the saga of the robot neck via this blog and bookface. Score one for technology.

It was a good weekend. After a rough week back to work after the surgery/recuperation, it was definitely needed.  This week should be no less busy if my calculations are right. Which, in my humble opinion, makes it doubly important to unplug whenever possible.

My former neighbor brought over an easel, so I'll need to get some paints and brushes in short order and get to work creating some masterpieces.

For now, though, I'm gonna finish this tea, check on my laundry and then go run a few errands.

Peace out!!



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