What the fuck was that?

I was standing in my bedroom. It wasn't a bedroom I remembered. but it was mine because there was a painting on the wall that was one of those splatter neon 80's paintings with the word 'Todd' on it hanging on the wall. I get the sense that a child had made it or it was a piece of art I had done as a child. There was a series of coat hooks on the wall as well. A plug in back-massager hung from one of the hooks. I contemplated telling my co-worker that he should get one for his wife for mother's day.

Yes. Co-worker, in my bedroom. One of the other Todds I work with was standing in the closet rattling a piece of paper with 3 signatures on it. He was looking at me smiling. Waiting for me to acknowledge him instead of staring at the painting next to the massager. I finally asked him what he wanted. he said he didn't want to disturb me. I said you should have just said something.

We talked about how the brooklyn store was sending back 10 checkout scanners for us to re-program. And started discussing that the queens store would also be doing the same and the units were set to arrive this morning. As we were talking about the logistics of programming 20 wireless checkout scanners, the doorbell started ringing. Much like a child would ring it (like my old neighbor's children used to ring the doorbell in my previous married life).

I was disgusted that no one was answering, so I went to the door.

Only it was the front door from my childhood home. The hallway and path I took to the door had me coming out of my childhood bedroom. Immediately the UPS men (there were 2 and a female supervisor) started bringing in big boxes. And brought them in to the family room of my old house. One of them was the Operations Manager of our Houston Store.

I wondered why they didn't put the boxes in our living room as it seemed a more logical place. The co-worker was discussing this with my second wife, who had come out of my parents bedroom when the boxes started coming in. She was in the same bathrobe she always used to wear.

As the third one was brought in, the supervisor said to me 'have a nice day Todd.' And I closed the door.

I started to have a discussion about how the Supervisor used to work in our finance department and went on to being a route manager with UPS for their commercial accounts with TD and my ex wife.
It was at that moment that I felt 3 successive taps on my right leg moving from above my knee to my mid thigh much like someone raps their fingers on a desk when they are bored or waiting.  These were enough to wake me straight away from my sleep, uttering the words "What the fuck?" I was completely awake and cognizant of my surroundings. I tried to go back to sleep, but that wasn't working. So...I got up...took a piss and decided to write this dream down.

As I'm sitting here writing, I can hear my neighbors across the courtyard. And what I hope are fireworks and not gun shots. I may throw on some shorts here in a minute and open the door to see what the fuck. Or I may take another percocet and try to go back to sleep.

Either way it was the most fucked up night's sleep I've had in quite a while. And definitely a trippy dream to remember completely.

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